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Welcome to my home pages.I hope you enjoy them
and thanks to for the space.
A Little about myself.
I live in the north east of England in the town of Middlesbrough Loc IO94kn.
I was 1st licensed in 1992 as G7NQR and from August 1999 have had the call sign M5ABM.
Ime fairly active on VHF and HF and I am a FISTS member and also RNARS member.
The reason for these pages is to introduce my self to any  radio amateur who may have worked me, and also to let you the surfer know about the area I live in.
And also maybe so that some of the rarer stations I have worked can find me and send me those elusive qsl cards.hihi
This map shows the part of England where I live.
It is on the north east coast about 40 miles south of Newcastle.
My home town is called Grangetown which lies about 4 1/2 miles to the east of Middlesbrough.
It is an industrial area with steel works and chemical works, but from here you can be at the beach or in the countryside within about 10 maybe 15 mins.
The town lies on the banks of the river Tees which is one of the busiest rivers in Europe.
Bonjour !!
There is No BSE in United Kingdom
Its good and safe for you !!