What is Log2000?

Log2000 is a program for logging and tracking QSO's, creating and printing QSL's and QSL labels. Designed for Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Log2000's interface is is 100% mouse compatible. No more fumbling with DOS based logging programs.It's easy to use and understand. Log maintenance is not a complex operation, it is simple point and select.

A built in QSL generator makes it easy to get those QSO's confirmed, and you can track QSL activity as well. The system will also print mailing labels for your QSL's.

Is Log2000 for you ?

Browse the web site to learn more about Log2000.
See the authors notes about planned improvements and future changes in store.
Then, download the DEMO and give it a try.
You just can not find an equal logging program for the cost!
You decide.

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