A Standard D.C. Connector for the Loudon County, TN  A.R.E.S.

In an effort to provide a standardized connector for all equipment powered by 12 VDC, Loudon County ARES has adopted the 30 amp Anderson PowerPole connector. All members are strongly encouraged to outfit the equipment and power supplies they could bring to an incident with these connectors. In the event of equipment or power supply failures, instant interconnects will be available without being concerned about a mismatch of OEM connectors. Many other volunteer groups around the country, including Civil Air Patrol and Search and Rescue groups are adopting this same connector. Locally, Blount County ARES and the METERS organization have also chosen this connector as the standard.

The connectors are somewhat unique in that there is not a traditional male or female. Polarity is protected by the convention chosen to hook up the connectors. For a diagram of how they are connected, go to:


Anderson PowerpoleŽ connectors are available from:

401 South Harbor Blvd. F320
La Habra, CA 90631
(714) 570-3303

Wes Allen, K7WWG
2870 S.W. 199th Place Aloha, OR 97006
(503) 649-3295

Richard Heryford, WD6ESZ
1175 Baker Street, Bldg. D-13, Apt #210
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 851-8176

Cable X-Perts
416 Diens Drive
Wheeling, IL 60090
(800) 828-3340
www.cablexperts.com (under DC Power)

Allied Electronics
(parts #803-0100, 803-0108, 803-0125, 803-0164)

If you need a few extra sets of the Anderson PowerpoleŽ connectors, Mike, KM4H, is maintaining a small supply. Contact him at 988-5307 or km4h@arrl.net for more information.

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