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Vie of the valley from the top of Mt. Oso



                      With the help of Todd (K6TJS) the club is working on setting up a couple of local "low-level" repeaters for the area. The search for repeater sites is on going. The equipment is being gathered and assembled.

We have just replaced the equipment up on Mt. Oso for the 443.150 (now with a 123.0 pl) repeater. This replacement equipment was set in place just after the 2006 Los Banos May Day Fair. This will prove to be a very educational project, as Dave (KG6NUO) can attest to; from his learning of how controllers, placement of various antennas and all the other things that go into making an efficient repeater.

K6TJS, Todd, is working on EchoLink . As a result of his EchoLink work he set up a full time EchoLink to the local net frequency of 444.000. This frequency is often linked in to the K6RDT/r(441.275 107.2 pl) repeater on top of Mt. Oso. Many thanks to both Todd and Darren (K6RDT/r's owner) for their experimenting.

Todd has also provided us with a 2 mater repeater at 146.925 (123.0 pl). Currently this repeater is not linked.



The AA6LB Repeater

A symple 440 Repeater and it's Duplexer.
Todd (K6TJS) setting the antenna on the tower.
Our antenna in the group of many of the antennas on the structure.

The K6TJS Repeaters

440 Repeater Rack with cover on.
440 Repeater Rack with cover off.
2 Meter Repeater

Who want to see an antenna anyway? oh yeah, we do... Picture of the antenna coming soon.... Well, it WAS coming soon....

AD6AA - Mike Germino, Club President
KG6NUO - Dave Anderson, Webmaster, Club Vice-President
Los Banos Amateur Radio Club

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