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ARS Sojourner Antenna Techniques
Balanced Balanced Antenna Tuner
Book: From Transmitter to Antenna
Book: USMC Radio Ops Handbook
Book: USMC antenna handbook
Cebik on the 5 best backyard antennas
DOS-based RF calculators
Diplexer in a can
Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas
g3vgr zmatch
Hentenna Applications
Hentenna information
KI0AG MicroDiplexer
NEC archives
Notebook Antenna
Pneumatic Antenna Launching
QRP-L Antenna articles
Simple and Flexible QRP tuner
T network antenna tuner applet
W3EDP antenna
W9CF antenna applets
wb3gck zmatch
zmatch efficency


AMQRP club
Adventure Radio Society (Sojurner)
BC QRP club 3764 8:30 ADT nightly
CW Operators QRP CLUB
Columbus QRP Club
Google List of QRP Clubs
Norcal QRP club
QRPP International


Active filter whitepaper
Air Core Coils
Audio Circuits
Broadband Amplifiers
Broadband transformers and mixers
Circuits for the Hobbyist
Class E amps
Construction and Use of Broadband Transformers
Discover Circuits schematics
EE Design Reference Information
Electronic Component Identification
Electronic Schematic Search
Electronics Circuits Archive
FET circuits
Fabricating Impedance Transformers 2nd Look lots of good links
ik3oil pic freq counter cheap
Impedance Matching - Bryant
Mini Bending Brake
Mixer FAQ from minicircuits
Mosfet Switchmode Amplifiers (Class DEF)
OP Amps for everyone design guide
Olimex pc boards
OpAmp applications guide
PIN diode limiters
spiceAD V4 lite
Use of Ferrites in Broadband Transformers
Wideband rf transformers


AMradio using 3 terminal ic
Audio oscillator for mcw fm
Book: Crystal Sets to Sideband
Build a crystal radio set in your kitchen
CW contest simulator MorseRunner
Cigar Box Xtal Radio Set
Crystal Radio Kits
Crystal Radio parts (polyvaricons, hi-Z earphones)
Crystal Radios
Crystal set Headphone matching
Daves homemade radios - Xtal sets
Elmer 101
kk7ug links
Koch method cw trainer
Navy Electricity & Electronics Train Series NEETS
Oatmeal box crystal radio set
PileMania CW contest simulator
RF Noise Identification Page
SWR theory
Simple FET Electrometer
Twin T audio oscillator
ZL1AN Teach
Great morse code training program


1ghz scope probe construction
23 db DDS amp
B&K oscilloscope handbook
Build a cheap 1ghz scope probe
Continuity tester etc
continuity tester
DBM/RMSVolts/Watts @50ohms conversion
EDN Test and Measurement Schematics
Equivalent Series Resistance tester
FET grid dip meter.
low voltage continuity tester
Manhattan Noise Generator
N0SS noise source
Oscilloscope Tutorials
QRP rf power measurements
RF current probes
Scope probe types
Signal Tracer/Injector npn
Signal Tracker / lm386
signal tracer / detector
signal tracer / injector and detector
Signal tracer pulser/tracker
Simple Gate Dip Meter
Super octapus
TecTronix XYZs of oscilloscopes
test equipment schematics
The Engineer's Guide to DSP
Using Oscilloscopes
V/I Curve tracer


Benfords Law
Fourmilab RetroPsychoKenisis experiments
Fourmilab RetroPsychoKinesis
Free online books
How Microsoft lost the API wars Great read
Interesting stuff on forward time echoes
James Woolsey on WW4
Logical Fallacies
Ocean - comparative religions
Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
Russian Beacons on 40 meters
Which is the best search engine for a task?


AFU Knoppix Ham Radio CDROM
Feather Linux
How to Remaster Knoppix without Remastering
How to Remaster Knoppix
Knoppix Remastering Howto


1997 NASPA articles by month
ABCs of Z/OS system programming redbooks
Ask Mainframe Experts
BOOK: MVS System Programming
Backup and Restore Jcl Examples
Bookmanager Searchable
Dictionary of Computing Terms
IBM DVL self study courses 1
IBM DVL self study courses 2
IBM freeware
IBM utilities guide
List of Listservs
ListServs at Marist
MVS Bookshelf
Mainframe Monthly
OpenSource software redbook (binaries)
Ops Console commands 1
Ops Console commands 2
Ops Console commands 3
SMF data info
Utilities examples
Z/OS Internet Library
Z/OS basics redbook


aa0zz homepage picel k8 keyer iqvfo etc
Binary Counter for 16f84
COM84 PIC programmer
DSP info
ICPROG PIC programmer
My first PIC project
source for pic programmers
Stepper motor encoder for VFO
Stepper motor encoder
Stepper motor experiments
Stepper motor generator keyers


Book K + R C - reference with examples
DSLIN graphing software works with dev-c++
Dev-C++ FAQ
Excellent set of links to C/Dev-c++ resources
Free C compilers check out cygwin and dev-c++
SysInternals system software freeware
Windows Scripting Host


propagation and geophysics

Earthquake precursors
greyline map 2
Greyline map
HAARP - data from site
HAARP Operations
Lowel DigiSonde informaiton
Lowell Digisonde Station List
NOAA 27day forecast
Russian HF Beacons
Schumann Resonances in HAARP ELF receiver
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
TV carrier freqs
Listen to ch2 TV vid carrier for 6m openings
UWASA Sunpot Numbers
VOACAP Propagation Prediction


10 watt linear amp
2n2 etc page
5 watt 30m xmtr using 2n3053s
7040 audio stream
7L2VPL web site
CW over Echolink
Circuit - DSB transmitter
Clipper Paddles homebrew
Club Sandwich Building Block Radio Project
Discrete component rc active filters
Fireball 40 amp
GooTee board PCB
Great KX1 case
Great info on building
HandsOn Radio by ARRL
Homebrewers Hobby page
How to get 74db from an LM386
IW3HEV antenna analyzer
Joule Thief led flashlight
Klunky Schematic Drawing
LoFer receiver using 2 chips and a soundcard
M0HBR homepage
manhattan building techniques etc
Measure ground resistance/ noise bridge schematic
MixerVFO - two xtals one transistor
N0SS site great K1 K2 site
NB6M miniboots
NE QRP club noise bridge kit
No moving parts iambic paddles
Noise Bridge Schematic
PA0FBK FT817 qrp page
Pipsqueak Regen Receiver
Popcorn preamps
QRP linear amp 500mw
QRP-L Searchable
QRP10 - awesome
This is a book on the construction of the QRP10
Receiver Building Blocks
diode dbm product detector
Regen Receiver
SM0VP0 - Harrys homebrew page
SMT / conventional prototype board
SMT part kits/ land patterns
SSB exciter
Single transistor regen RX
Tuning VFOs with a PN Junction
ve7ca's qrp links
wa6otp pixie


SoundCard Software

Arrl article on SCAMP
Audio derived PTT for PSK
ChromaSound DSP filter
DFT sample program w/ source
DazyWeb Oscilloscope
Flex32 soundcard packet for windows
Ham Radio Deluxe
Oscilloscope for Windows
PileMania Windows pileup trainer - pretty good
Powering Soundcard Microphones
Soundblaster Mic Preamp
Soundcard Audio Tools and Toys
Soundcard Tips


Dans Small Parts - electronics
Edmund Scientific
Electroncs parts
Electronics Goldmine Parts
Fairchild Transistor cross reference parts/surplus
NTE Transistor Cross Reference
NightFire Electroncs Component kits
Ocean State Electronics
OceanState Electronics - crystals
Old tube-type powersupply caps
Parts suppliers King
peanut whistle etc
Small Wonder Labs kits hardware Transistor Data Sheets
Xtal radio parts supplier




Windows Programming

C# Source code
Devlib-Central directx/sdl for devc++
Digital Fourier Transform
Good writeup on DFT math
foosyerdoos winapi programming
GameTutorials windows programming
Games written in Allegro
inputbox for vc++
Inspect dll exports/imports
Microsoft Empower for ISVs
$350 for everything microsoft has...
Microsoft Visual C++ .net free
Nomad Programming tutorials
Reliable Software W32 API Tutorial
Source code dft soundcard winapi
Win Api Examples
Win32 programming FAQ
winapi32 tutorial
Windows API online reference
Windows Assembler Programming


APRO Zilla
APRO on SourceForge
CodeGuru A communications class for serial port
CodeGuru Accessing Com Ports
CodeGuru Forum - How to prevent start up pulse?
CodeProject Serial Library for C++
CommApi Reference
comport wrapper example
How can I dial out the modem using Delphi?
How to access serial and parallel ports w/
Platform SDK
Prpgrammers Heaven Windows Comm/Tapi
Serial Communication in Win32
Serial Programming under Windows
Serial comunication with VB.NET
Serial port access with Borland C++ builder
Serial port software
Serial programming using Delphi
Using Communications Resources
Using Visual C++ w/ MFC in serial port apps
Using a PC's serial port
vbrad mscomm tutorial
Win32 API wrappper code downloads
Windows API and devices
Writing a Serial Comms library for Windows - winio