Pete's Page of General Radio Information

In the following links you will find information that I have put on the web. Enjoy.

These links are designed for the novice ham operator (novice in the sense that they know less than they desire to know). Several philosophers have commented on the role of knowledge in the ideas of morality, and in an attempt to get to to feel morally compelled, it is in your moral interest to go through these pages and make sure that you know as much as you possibly can. Having said that, keep in mind that everything that is on here is written for the mostly un-knowing at heart. That is, people who really aren't too sure what it is to be a ham radio operator, or don't know too much about radio and electronics in general. After having said that, please note that I have not yet put very much theory on the page, simply because I have not had a whole lot of time to put up much.
I say this with all seriousness...check back an a few weeks and you will see more information on the page because I really do mean it when I say that this page is always under construction.

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