This page deals with propagation and it's effects on the transmission and reception of radio signals. As time permits--as always--I will put more information onto the webpage. Until then, you will have to be content with the following links.

Understanding propagation requires a little knowledge about the sun and how it affects the travels of our friend, the electromagnetic wave. Fisrt we must understand what is going on with the sun. Once we know what is going on with the sun, we will be able to understand how these things occuring on the sun affect the movement of radio waves. Further, radio waves are affected by the earth, too. Certain things reflect certain wavelengths. Just keep this in mind and everything will make sense in the end.

My Semi-Complete Ionospheric Primer


External Links

The following are links that are external to my pages. I have been to each of the pages listed below and found them all to be very informative. Bear in mind that some of these sites harbor some modem-burning sized images of the sun or the earth's surface--i.e. they're reallybig. If you are using ethernet, no big deal. I do find that downloading some of the images at 14400 bps rather objectionable, especially when the internet is slow. Just a warning, though.

The Sun

Here are some links that will give you some pretty good views of the sun, right from your chair.


The Atmosphere

Sure, the sun has a lot of influence over the propagation of radio waves, but so does terrestrial atmosphere. You should be able to find some good information about the earth and it's weather here.

These are the major sites. If there are anymore that I have missed, please let me know.

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