known to have published news reports
 about the
McDonald County Secession attempt
 during 1961-2 AND TO PRESENT DATE

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NEWSPAPER: Large papers in bold LOCATION DATE(S) COMMENTS/headline
The Carthage Evening Press Carthage, Missouri April 1961 Has articles scattered throughout month of April 1961; is now the Carthage Press; much coverage on the "Great McDonald Territory War"
Lincoln Evening Journal Lincoln NE 11 Apr 1961 Now the Journal Star
The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune Chillicothe MO 10, 19 Apr 1961  
Great Bend Daily Tribune Great Bend KS 10 Apr 1961 "Disgruntled County..."
Abilene Reporter News Abilene TX 1 Jul 1961  
Daily Chronicle Centralia-Chehalis  WA 13 Sep 1961  
Kingsport News Kingsport TN 2 Jun 1961 Now the Kingsport TimeNews
Mason City Globe Gazette Mason City, IA 26 Jul 1961  
The Vidette-Messenger Valparaiso IN 24 Apr 1961 has a searchable database of this newspaper, but it costs to access it.
Stars and Stripes, Europe, Mediterranean and North African Editions Military Papers 1961 Stars and Stripes is a daily newspaper published for the U.S. military, DoD civilians, contractors, and their families. Unique among the many military publications, Stars and Stripes operates as a First Amendment newspaper, free of control and censorship. We have published continuously in Europe since 1942, and since 1945 in the Pacific.
Traverse City Record Eagle Traverse City MI 11 Apr 1961  
Logansport Pharos Tribune Logansport IN 12 Apr 1961  
Moberly Monitor-Index Moberly MO 8,12 Apr; 17,18 Apr; 3 May+ Tourist Trade Important ; Mock Battle
Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Oshkosh WI 11 Apr 1961 "Missouri County in Secession Move"
Northwest Arkansas Times Fayetteville AR 8 Apr 1961
10 Apr 1961
17 Apr 1961
"Noel, Mo. Threatens to Secede" Page 1 and Page 9
"In Noel-Pineville Area: 'Secession' Fever Mounting"
"Unexpected Blood Flows in Missouri 'Secession'" Page 1
Pasadena Independent Pasadena CA 17 Apr 1961  
Press-Telegram Long Beach CA 5 Dec 1961  
Salina Journal Salina KS 16 Apr 1961 Sharing peace pipe: photo of McGowan and Saugee (photograph not from Salina Journal)
The Neosho Daily News Neosho MO 9 April 1961
12 April 1961 Wed.
16 Apr 1961
"Angry Cries Heard From McDonald"
"Officers Elected In New McDonald Territory Provisional Government"
"Seek to Return Territory Issue to Original Intent for Publicity", Robert Yocum et al. discussing secession efforts plus an editorial, presumably by Howard Bush, Publisher
The Lawrence Journal-World Lawrence KS 12 Apr 1961
20 Feb 1962
Noel up in arms about that map. pg. 16
Missouri again leaves McDonald County off the tourist map, pg. 9
Chicago Daily Tribune Chicago IL 12 Apr 1961 Wed. McDonald County up for grabs, quote from Chief Saugee of Cherokee Tribe
The Nevada Daily Mail Nevada MO 16 Apr 1961 Sunday/
17 Apr 1961 Monday
17 Apr 1986
Historical Groups warn McDonald County to knock it off or face invasion; p. 1
"First Casualty Recorded in Mock Battle" p. 1
Article discussing 25th Anniversary of McDonald Territory event at p. 4
Miami Daily News-Record Miami, OK 6 April 1961
16 April 1961
"Back to Indians? Noel Area Proposes Secession"
"Missouri Rebels Get Threat of Invasion From Neighbors"
The New York Times New York NY 17 Sept 1961
19 Apr 1964
Ozark Plateau No Longer Remote to Tourism, Robt. Pearman pg. XX11 Resorts Travel Sect.

"Tourist Gold Out of a Hole In The Ground"

The Lewiston Daily Sun¹ Lewiston-Auburn, ME¹ 13 Apr 1961 Thursday "Missouri Town of Noel Protests Being Left Off Tourist Map, Hoist Rebel Flag" p. 24
Reading Eagle Reading, PA 12 Apr 1961 Wednesday "Ozark Town of Noel Is Up in Arms" (AP wire story) p. 30
The Los Angeles Times Los Angeles, CA 23 May 1961 "U.S. Joins The Coup Club: Via Missouri," by Raymond Moley, Begins at page B5
The Southeast Missourian Cape Girardeau MO 3 March 1962 Sat. "Faubus Proclamation Spills Into Missouri"  p. 3
Kansas City Star Kansas City MO 12 Apr 1961
21 Mar 1992
"Rebel Spirit Grows As Residents Seek To Keep Tourists Conscious of Area's Beauty", by Paul Stubblefied
"Kansans' Secession Talk sends Capital a Message"; references the McDonald County event   p. A-1
The Deseret News Salt Lake City, UT 11 Apr 1961 Tues. "Miffed McDonald County Sore at 'Mo,' Wants Out"  p. 6A
Tulsa Daily World Tulsa, OK 13 Apr 1961 Thurs "Secession Group Looks to State Area"

          ¹ Had originally been identified as being from Idaho, but it is in fact Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, where the publishing newspaper was located.


The McDonald Territory story received tremendous national publicity. From having a son in the newspaper business, I know that at least in part this is due to the fact that small-town newspapers are always looking for "fill" when local stories are running slim.  This compilation is by no means complete, and it is estimated the McDonald Territory story appeared in literally hundreds of newspapers, national and international.  I welcome any additions or corrections by email.  Thanks.

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