The Spider Amateur Radio Club (SARC) is one of the Filipino American radio clubs in San Diego, California operating on UHF frequency 446.440 mhz with PL 94.8 negative offset.  The repeater is located in Paradise Hills and is listed as "Private" but does allow visitors to use especially for emergency use.

SARC trace its beginnings on the summer of 93 when the tightly knit Malinao Clan decided to put an amateur radio repeater for their own use to ease up communication with family members especially in time of need.

After an available frequency was discovered by Raymond KD6NFP, Ruben N6ART ex KC6ZNA filed request for trusteeship and was granted by the Southern California Repeater and Remote Base Association (SCRRBA) soon after.

In 1995, Ruben N6ART ex KC6ZNA and Joel WJ1P ex AB6BX of the Magellan Amateur Radio Repeater Network agreed to link the Magellan 1.2 ghz repeater at Mount Otay to increase coverage throughout Southern California.  Subsequent linking layout plans, repeater modifications, and system activation were conducted by Ted KN6NA.

Additional linking soon followed in 1996, when the SARC repeater got linked to the North County Amateur Group (NCAG) repeater 449.950 located in Penasquitos, California.  This was made possible through the Spider-Tarlac (STAR) system, also located in Paradise Hills.  And soon after that linking, coverage was expanded by linking with Kalayaan Amateur Radio Club (KARC) through its Mount Luken's repeater.  This allowed hams traveling between San Diego and Los Angeles to enjoy the hobby and also communicate with their home bases as well.  Subsequently, weekly nets were conducted every Sunday night by Ramir N6WJN with stations all over Southern California and occasionally from HF participating.  KARC was doing their net on Wednesday night and to eliminate redundancy, an agreement was made between KARC and SARC to conduct both nets jointly on Wednesday nights at 1930 Pacific Time.

Initial linking transmissions were highly susceptible to propagation problems especially during the winter months.  Then in July 1997, KARC positioned a linked repeater at Santiago peak and the site was jointly funded by SARC and KARC to help eliminate the problem.  This increased the repeater coverage thus allowing a 24 hour reliable linking enjoyed by both organization between the Grapevine area, 50 miles north of Los Angeles to the north, all the way down to Rosarito, Mexico to the south, Mount Laguna to the East and Pacific Ocean to the west.

SARC officially got established on November 9, 1997 when it hosted a picnic at Vacation Village Park at Mission Bay, San Diego.  The event was well attended by members of different radio clubs operating in Southern California including the Filipino American Amateur Radio Society (FILAMARS) of San Diego, North County Amateur Group (NCAG), Lotus Amateur Relay Network, Kalayaan Amateur Radio Club, Rizal Commander Group, and others.

The Constitution and By-laws was drafted and developed by Mario K6NGY ex KD6NGY which was unanimously adapted by the club.  The purpose of the club are:

The club's objectives are: The club has been very active in the hobby and had taken giant strides in fostering friendship and promotion of the hobby.  It is affiliated and supported numerous community service efforts by other radio clubs.  It's been actively participating in every Filipino American amateur radio Grand Eyeball QSOs since 1995.

The club logo was designed by Ruben N6ART ex KC6ZNA and is composed of a spider enclosed in a circle with a 70 centimeter yagi antennae at its mouth symbolizing the efforts of the club to expand and promote the hobby through the "web" of cooperation among other clubs and amateur radio enthusiast alike.

Although the Spider Amateur Radio Club is the "new kid on the block" in the amateur radio arena, the dedication, enthusiasm, and pro-active mentality of its officers and members will further enhance, strengthen, and promote the hobby within the community.

SARC is looking forward to be more involved in the hobby and to expand its membership.  Club membership is open to all amateurs who possesses a valid license.  An annual donation of $30.00 from each member is accepted and occasional fund raising events are conducted to support and fund the operation and maintenance of the repeater system.

As we enter into the next millennium, it is our hope to promote the hobby farther in support of our club's established objectives by publishing this web site.  Please browse through the pages and sign our guest book on your way out.  Any feedback is more than welcome.  Thank you very much in taking the time to visit our site.

73s and 88s.

Mario Hermosilla K6NGY ex KD6NGY

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