Station Antenna System

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This is the second antenna array developed for AMSAT OSCAR 40. The 2.4 GHz antennae are a Connifer SB-32 dish (23 dBi) with a modified TSI AIDC 3733 2.4 GHz converter (1.1 dB NF, 30 dB gain) and a 80 cm diameter DH Satellite dish (f/D 0.34) with a 2.4 GHz SSB UEK 2000 SAT converter (1 dB NF, 20 dB gain) There is also a simple 145 MHz 3 el Yagi, that was used for AO-40 beacon reception after launch -and before the December 13, 2000 incident- and the 11 el 435 MH Yagi used for the U band uplink. See my other antennas here: experimental and portable satellite antennas (DSS dish and 28 turn helix) . Detailed information of the 80 cm dish feed is here: helix feedhorn.  This is a link to my AO-40 Deck receiving system.

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80 cm prime focus dish (f/D 0.34).The back of the dish attached to the mast using an old friying pan, original idea from WB1MBA.   Feed is coffee can section and 3.25 turn helix based on a desing by K5OE. Converter is a SSB UEK2000.

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Left.-Mechanical adaptation of the TSI converter to the Connifer dish. Right.-The antenna system as used during the "recovery phase" of AO-40. 

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