Old House Tour


Updated 12/26/2000: We don't live in this house any more, but it sure is nice to have all these photos to remind us of it.

ht-01.jpg (40565 bytes) Welcome to my home.  We're looking at it from the corner, it's hiding behind all those trees.
ht-02.jpg (44246 bytes) Now we can see the porch.  Let's walk down the sidewalk around the house.
ht-03.jpg (43691 bytes) Woop, looks like it's time to mow the lawn.  There's our new car poking out from the driveway.
ht-04.jpg (32495 bytes) Here we go around back, there's the garage.
ht-05.jpg (33956 bytes) There's the back door into the kitchen.  Wonder what's in the garage.....
ht-06.jpg (39254 bytes) Yikes, lets close the garage door and forget we looked.
ht-07.jpg (51496 bytes) Here we'll squeeze between the house and garage to the back/side yard.
ht-08.jpg (63037 bytes) Here's our wonderfully lush yard, slightly needing some mower action.
ht-09.jpg (66776 bytes) Now we'll walk back up to the front, ducking the apple tree.
ht-10.jpg (63984 bytes) The front corner of our yard is a fabulous garden left by the previous residents.
ht-11.jpg (59550 bytes) Now we're looking out through the trees into the street where we started.
ht-12.jpg (44213 bytes) Let's head inside for a spell.
ht-13.jpg (38624 bytes) Now that I fixed the doorbell, maybe someone will come let us in.....
ht-14.jpg (21843 bytes) Inside the door to your right is the staircase and Living Room.
ht-15.jpg (17487 bytes) The stairs look a lot better without the circa-1962 pale green shag carpeting.
ht-16.jpg (25729 bytes) Looking through the Living Room, the Dining Room is through the arch, and the Office through the doorway way back there.
ht-17.jpg (22727 bytes) The Living Room as viewed from the stairway.
ht-18.jpg (20127 bytes) And new we're looking from the Living Room to the spot above the bookcase where I took the previous photo.
ht-19.jpg (25202 bytes) And looking from the same spot towards the entryway where we came in.  The door is around the arch on the left.  My 1 year old son Jimmy is showing off his piano skills.
ht-20.jpg (23712 bytes) OK, let's go to the Dining Room.
ht-21.jpg (20199 bytes) Looking to the left at the hutch through another arch.
ht-22.jpg (24945 bytes) Looking behind us now, outside towards the sidewalk we walked by on earlier.
ht-23.jpg (24830 bytes) OK, turning left and into the Office.  That kid is everywhere!
ht-24.jpg (21254 bytes) Right at the doorway to the Office, on the left, is a doorway to the Kitchen.  You can also get to the Kitchen (and basement stairs) from the far side of the hutch through the Dining Room.
ht-25.jpg (19631 bytes) Here's your rare peek into the kitchen.  Wendi and I keep it really clean, but she still doesn't like it when I take pictures in there.
ht-26.jpg (20337 bytes) Back through the house and at the top of the stairway is the playroom, painted like a jungle.  It's pretty thrashed right now, but my 4 year old daughter, Genny, really does clean it up periodically.
ht-27.jpg (20525 bytes) Yikes, we better get out of here before the National Guard is called up to rescue us.
ht-28.jpg (17928 bytes) To the right of the playroom is Mom and Dad's room.  The battery in the camera started to go, don't know if that's why the pictures started getting too dark.  Maybe if I had actually turned on some lights....
ht-29.jpg (19377 bytes) At the other end of the hall, the kid's room.
ht-30.jpg (17199 bytes) Next to the kid's room is another stairway, which leads down to the kitchen next to the back door.  That pretty much wraps it up.  You can find your way out from here, I think..... hope you enjoyed the cheap tour.
ht-31.jpg (71562 bytes) Here are some extra shots that display what it looks like in the winter.....
ht-32.jpg (79024 bytes) ....Feeling like grabbing a heavy comforter yet?  And that was a mild Winter!


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