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       This site is a place for people in North and South Dakota to get information on how to set up and secure your wireless access point.  People can input there wireless access point in a database if they choose to.  For privacy we will be verifying the info with people by sending an email verifying the information.  To get your wireless acces point listed send an email to kc0gcj@qsl.net.  In the email you can send me your ssid, city, state, email address and contact name. This information will be used by people joining the lattest hobby; Wardriving to find wireless access points in the world.  People that are using Network Stumbler can send me a copy of the data file from Network Stumbler in an email with there city and state.

ND Communitys

-    Fargo

-    Grand Forks

-    Bismarck

-    Jamestown

-    Minot

-    Dickinson

SD Communitys

-    Watertown

-    Aberdeen

-    Sioux Falls

-    Rapid City

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