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Daily Life  Explore the Daily Life links to find the magazines you read, the stores you shop at, the television you watch, and the pets you clean up after. Sounds just like daily life, doesn't it? 

Welcome to Kmart
TIME World Wide Home Page
The Total Yellowstone Page
Twentieth Century Fox
Family Planet
MasterCard International Pointers
McDonalds Splash
Acme Pet - Your Guide to Pets on the Internet!



Diversions  These links will lead to sites that aren't your average, ordinary web pages. Whether its an alternative label, a corporate comic strip, or a page where animals are artists, you should find these a bit off the beaten path. 

XFILES Home Page
Sir Estrus Quarterly
Send Me A Dollar
Why Cats Paint
Restless Records
BONG Bull Home
Phatt!!! Site...Archive
The Virtual Soapbox
The Dilbert Zone



Fitness  Visit these fitness links to discover the new techniques in weight lifting, aerobics, and exercise in general, as well as nutritional information and diets which will contribute to your better health. 

Breakthroughs in Health and Fitness
Bally's Home Page
The House of Nutrition
American Body Building
Aerobics and Fitness for Women
The Fitness Zone
Triathlete Online Home Page



Food & Drink  These links will take you to some of the companies that create the foods and drinks that you consume everyday, and allow you to see what direction they are heading in, not to mention some really neat web sites. 

Diners' Grapevine - Worldwide Restaurant Guide
Welcome to Pepsi World
FoodNet Welcome Page
Liquor By Wire
Red Dog
Welcome to Coca-Cola.
Mama's Dining Room
Veggies Unite!
McDonalds Splash
Welcome to the RamPage!



Government/Politics  With the election nearing, many people are yearning to find as much political information as possible. Visit our Government and Politics links for all of the Politics that you could possibly desire--from Gallup polls to discussion forums. 

CNN/Time AllPolitics
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
The Harvard Political Review
Welcome to Rush-Online!
The Washington Weekly
Welcome to the C-SPAN Networks
All Things Political
PoliticsNow Front Page
The Oliver North Home Page



Home and Hobbies  Whether you are a garden fanatic, a collector of antiques, or just like working around the house, you may find your favorite hobby or passion at one of these websites. 

Redbook Magazine Online
Decor Delights
Welcome to HomeArts
Arts & Crafts on the net
Popular Mechanics Magazine Online
Antiques Index Alphabetized
Welcome to The Bay Area Gardener
Candles and Candlemaking
Good Housekeeping Online
Biggest Little Craft Mall



Internet  We all know what the Internet is... or do we? Follow these links to learn the history of the Internet, how to use e-mail, and what accessories you need to get the most out of the Information Super Highway. 

ZD Internet Magazine - FREE Premiere Issue
Internet 2000 for Jack and Jill and Little Joey
A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
A Little History of the World Wide Web
Netscape Navigator Components
The Internet Magazine Home Page
Interactive Week
Wink Communications Group
Netscape AppFoundry



Law  For anyone interested in law, these are links to some of the largest law libraries in the world. Also essays on current issues like copywriting a home page, the legal rights of women, and more. 

Law Library of Congress Home Page
A Good Lawyer
Legal Care for Your Software Home Page
Legal Library Home Page
Georgetown University Legal Explorer
Primers on Science & Technology for Attorneys
The Legal Rights of Women
Legal Information Institute
Rutgers University - Newark: Ackerson Law Library Home Page



Money  Wondering which mutual fund had the best yield last year? Do you think that the Fed is going to raise or lower the interest rate? Want to be able to monitor your stocks during the day online? Get these answers and many more with these money links. 

Entrepreneur Online Magazine
College Grad Job Hunter
Welcome to The Prudential
Merrill Lynch
Fidelity Brokerage Services
Money Online Personal Finance Center
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
The Stock Room Main Shelf


News  Every online news source that you could ever want is provided in these links. Whether its popular magazines like U.S. News & World Report, or local newspapers like the Chicago Tribune and New York Times, there should be plenty of news for you here. 

Business Week
The Chicago Tribune
Welcome to U.S. News & World Report Online
CNN Interactive
USA Today Newspaper
TIME World Wide Home Page
The New York Times on the Web
Lead Story
Welcome to



Search Engines  Are you looking for a certain topic or website on the Internet? Visit one of these 10 different search engines to help get you going. 

Welcome to Lycos
AltaVista Technology
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
NetPartners Company Site Locator
Welcome to MusicSearch
Excite Home



Small Office/Home Office  These Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) links are to sites that will benefit your small business. From tracking packages to ordering supplies to searching information archives, these resources will help you be more productive! 

Home Office Advisor
Haworth: Furniture For What's Next
Your Small Office
The Home Office Mall
Welcome to the Xerox Small Office Home Page
Welcome to Soho Central
U.S. Business Advisor
Welcome to MCI
NetMarquee Family Business NetCenter
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Federal Express (FedEx)
The United States Postal Service, Business Section
The List (Internet Service Providers)
EXPOguide Home Page
CCH Business Owner's Toolkit
Dun & Bradstreet's Business Background Report
GE Business PRO
Welcome to the InterNIC
Submit It!
Court TV Law Center



Sports & Recreation  Any sports nuts out there that just can't get enough stats? Well we've got enough sites here to fill your trivia needs tenfold. Also explore some of the recreational activities here--like hiking, walking, and kayaking. 

ESPNET SportsZone
Hiking and Walking Homepage
SI Online
Blue Water Kayaks
Team NFL
Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Welcome to SportsLine USA
Fly Fishing Online
GORP -Climbing



TV & Radio  This section gives you links to some of your favorite television and radio programs. Whether you're looking for David Letterman's Top Ten list or want to take a tour through ABC CyberCity, you'll have fun at these sites. Enjoy! 

Twentieth Century Fox
Steve Dahl Daily Posting
ABC - Fall Schedule
The Official Friends Home Page
CBS Updated Primetime Preview
The Loop Hole [WLUP FM 97.9 Chicago]
ABC CyberCity Homepage
The Law & Order Home Page
Rock 103.5 on the World Wide Web



Travel  Have you been thinking of where you're going to take your next vacation? Try exploring some of these links, many of which allow you to pick any part of the world to begin your exploration. 

Virtual Tourist II World Map
Travel & Leisure
Welcome To N'awlins!
Travelocity Home Page
Cape Cod Coastal Canoeing
An Ultimate Honeymoon
Follow the Sun to the Caribbean
Welcome to Allons!
Welcome to the French Riviera



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