In an emergency, make sure your family and home are safe, then check-in on the Sussex County Primary Emergency Repeater 147.075 (+) MHz for instructions. The Secondary Repeater Frequency is 145.210 (-) MHz, PL 156.7


Prepare by registering with the District Emergency Coordinator, K3PFW, and checking into the Sussex County Emergency Net every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM on 147.075 (+) MHz.  Maintain your skills by participating in Nets and Public Service events. 



Sussex County ARES      Primary Repeater Frequency                               147.075(+) PL 156.7 (as needed)  Millsboro   (battery backup)

Sussex County ARES                 Secondary Repeater Frequency                145.210(-) PL 156.7                      Bridgeville (generator backup)

Sussex County ARES      “Primary Simplex"                                  147.510                                          ----

Sussex County ARES                 "Secondary Simplex"                              145.510                                          ----

Sussex County Digital     Packet Simplex                                   147.570                                          Georgetown           

Delaware Emergency Net                  Primary HF Frequency                         3.905 LSB                                Statewide



Sussex County Delaware:

Millsboro                                                147.075(+) PL 156.7 (as needed)    (Sussex County ARES Primary Frequency)

Bridgeville                               145.210(-)  PL 156.7                               (Sussex County ARES Secondary Frequency)

Seaford                                    146.715(-)  PL   77.0                              Private Repeater - N3YMS  (generator backup)


Kent County Delaware:

Dover                                      147.195(+)  no PL                                 North Dover      146.790(-)   no PL

Hazlettville                             147.300(+)  PL 77.0 (as needed)    Woodside                146.970(-)   PL 77.0


Lower Eastern Shore Repeaters:

Delmar (DE)                           146.925(-)  PL 156.7                              Princess Anne       146.625(-)  no PL

Easton                                     147.045(+) PL 156.7                             Ocean City                147.015(+) PL 156.7 (inactive)

Kent Island                             146.940 (-) PL 107.2                            Salisbury                 146.820(-)  PL 156.7                             


Key Contact Information:

District Emerg. Coord.    John Ferguson K3PFW          H:  302-855-9385 W:  302-855-1608

Emergency Coord. - East      Joe Buch                 N2JB              H:  302-541-8130

Emergency Coord. –Cen.      Lee Derrickson                K3GI                 H:  302-934-6305 W:  302-856-4655

Emergency Coord. –West     Patrick Ryan       KW3Z                     H:  302-629-6458 W: 302-856-4113

Official Emerg. Station   Joe Schorah                WA3KZX                H:  302-337-3449  

Official Emerg. Station   Vaughn Russell    W3IJ                        H:  302-629-3804 W:  302-846-0310

Official Emerg. Station   Ruley Banks      WA3FYS                H:  302-732-6117

Sussex County EOC       EOC                        KB3HEV                    21303 Airport Road, Geo.                W:  302-855-7801 F:   302-855-7805

302-856-3968   Ham Station Phone


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