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Build a 5 watt, 80 meter QRP CW Transceiver!!! A great deal of interest has been generated by my previous design articles, so I decided to go to work on a full blown transceiver design. After several months of work, the ROSE-80 transceiver was born. This transceiver is similar to other designs but contains some unique differences. This design boasts the following features:
tenmin.htm, transmiter G4RAW's Ten Minute Rig - Steve, G4RAW described this simple transmitter for 80 metres in Sprat 82 and describes how the World record for building a rig, actually a Oner, and having a QSO, is under 15 minutes.
80m Mini Receiver This circuit was in Sprat 92 The circuit is of an 80 meter band one chip DC receiver, (excluding the AF stage). As you can see the design utilises the NE602 as VXO/mixer.
The Tuna Tin Two! The Tuna Tin Two Gallery!
MFJ-9040/9030/9020/9017/9015 QRP Transceivers by MFJ: CW Transceivers - MFJ-9040 for 40 Meters, MFJ-9030 for 30 Meters, MFJ-9020 for 20 Meters, MFJ-9017 for 17 Meters, MFJ-9015 for 15 Meters, $189.95 each
THE PIXIE 2 TRANSCEIVER THE PIXIE 2 TRANSCEIVER - G3LHJ'S VERSION OF WA6BOY'S TINY RIG - This modified version of W6BOY's little rig was published in Sprat number 88. - The rig is designed for 80m and although very simple, it can give interesting results.
NE602 RECEIVER CONSTRUCTION EXPERIMENT Build an NE602 Receiver - The availability of inexpensive integrated circuits capable of implementing receiver functions makes it possible build a simple radio receiver with surprisingly few parts. RF and IF amplifiers, mixer/oscillator combinations, product and FM detectors, and audio amplifiers can be combined to build miniature AM or FM receivers.
Japanese Neofight Receiver Japanese Neofight Receiver - By JF1OZL - In old days there are many "Japanese someting" in Japan. They are American culture translated to Japan. For example the singer who sings the song of Space battle ship Yamato was called the Japanese Prethry. In America they have a neofight (Neaphoit) receiver. It is constructed by NE612 balanced modulator. It is direct conversion receiver. I will show you a similor product.
examples.htm Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits Examples Note: These examples require a special schematic viewer---click here for download instructions.
History of Development Page intro: History of Development - Ever since I became familiar with broadband amplifiers, I had been trying to design a superhet with one amplifier that did all the work from RF amplification to the IF and even audio. One day I was studying the MOSFET single balanced mixer in DeMaw's Design Notebook and discovered that just one change on the gate 2 circuit would change it from a mixer to an amplifier, or to an AGC controlled amplifier. I immediately built four of these mixers and made the changes to make my single circuit superhet, and it worked great! Using a balanced amplifier at all the stages seemed excessive, so a single MOSFET amplifier was designed that would work in all places. Two single amplifiers could be put together to form the balanced mixer. This design was equally successful.
BFO The BFO is a crystal oscillator. The oscillator, connected to pins 6 & 7, is changed in frequency with inductance and capacitance plus or minus 500-1500 hz. The output of the product detector is an audio frequency signal.
sch.htm, bfo schematic a big jpg picture is here.
Building Your Own AM Tuner Building Your Own AM Tuner by Bruce Carter (with embedded articles from other authors)
FM Transmitter FM Transmitter - Here is the schematic, PC board pattern, and parts placement for a low powered FM transmitter. The range of the transmitter when running at 9V is about 300 feet. Running it from 12V increases the range to about 400 feet. This transmitter should not be used as a room or telephone bug.
Amateur Radio Receivers Amateur Radio Receivers - The fascination of receiving signals from the sky is one of the driving forces of the Amateur Radio Operator. Hundreds of signals from all over the world spark our imagination, visualizing far off places that we are able to touch with our radios.



Transmitters for MW,SW and FM Broadcast Transmitters for Mediumwave, Shortwave and FM Broadcast