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Hi! Thanks for visiting my web page. My main hobby is Amateur Radio, so that's most of what's on this page. Please leave comments and suggestions on the form at the bottom. This site is continually under construction, so help me by telling me about dead links, or things like that. Thanks!

Current Projects

Repeaters at home
2 meter (146.775- 100.0 PL) and 440 MHz (447.225- no PL) repeaters at my house. See the page on my home repeaters. They hopefully will be on-line soon, but I missed my target date of 01-01-2001
Repeaters at Loveland EFC
2 meter, 220 MHz, and 440 MHz repeaters in cooperation with Tom Cross, KN6VV. These repeaters will be for the hams in the church. See the church's website at
(UPDATED 03-29-2001) ALL REPEATERS NOW ON THE AIR! Email me for more information!
Helping other hams
which is self-explanatory. No reference web page for this. :-)
Continuing 4-H projects
4-H 2000
I don't know how this will work, but I am going to try to to an E. Free Top 10 Marksman list. Email me for more information. When I get to it, I will write a page for it, but I don't have enough free time at the moment

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Contact Information

Electronic mail address
My address@Netzero

My PGP public key: Juno.

Download it, then double-click it to add it to your PGP keyring. So you don't have PGP? Shame on you! :-P Go to and get it! Then, send me an email, and select Encrypt and Sign, and enter your passphrase. Also, post your public key to a server, and tell me how I can find it, or it will be worthless. Thanks! It's not much fun by myself!

Web address
This Page

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Hot List

I have now organized this a little bit by subject matter. Also, I am not responsible for content of any of these sites. Visit at your own risk. I will add more as I have the time. If you have suggestions, Email me.

Christian pages: Our church's page Ever heard of the POWER Team? Check out their cool web site Interesting Christian stuff The Left Behind movie web page The main Left Behind web page

Ham Radio pages: The home page of the American Radio Relay League The home page for this server. They offer free e-mail forwarding and web site hosting. Check it out! A good page on building repeaters Ham Radio Outlet's home page

Kenwood's home page They made my HT.

Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Headquarters Self explanatory

Home - Remec Wacom L. P. - Waco, Texas Telecommunication Products and Equipment Wacom makes excellent duplexers for repeaters

Talk to The SignMan of Baton Rouge - 2000 if you need a name tag.

Computer pages: Computer security/encryption, etc. Try PGP, ZoneAlarm, Anonymizer, and others!


Gun Pages: The Home page for Glock Pistols, which are pretty neat. The Rec.Guns newsgroup FAQ. Some interesting stuff here. Anything you would ever want to know about CCW (carrying a concealed weapon).

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Comments and Suggestions

Please tell me what you think about this page. It's a long way from perfect, but better than nothing! Help me improve it :-) I used to have a fancy little comment box here, but doesn't support extensions. So much for that idea. I am looking at another hosting service, but we'll see.

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