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ARRL Numbered Radiogram Messages

new2.gif (365 bytes) List of Katahdin Area Repeaters new.gif (135 bytes)

new2.gif (365 bytes)  Pictures 146.745 - 147.000 - 144.390

On-The-Air Nets in Maine List

10 Meter Beacon!

28.2665Mhz - ID = de ka1eks/bcn

The 10m beacon was using a Homebrew 2716 EPROM id'er,

I have since retired it and now am using and a new id'er,

Its an ID-O-Matic

into a Teaberry 'T'Bear 40Ch AM Converted CB - 4 watts into a Antron A-99 w/GP


  2 Meter Repeaters!

145.250Mhz.(100hz) and 146.745Mhz.(100hz) (Both-600kc)

146.745 Now Located in East Millinocket

Approximate 146.745 Repeater Coverage Area +/-

The 146.745Mhz Repeater is an ICOM RP-1510 50 watts with Wacom 639BpBr duplexer

using a NHRC-4 controller with a CSI-32 Community Tone Panel

At SouthTwin Lake is another Icom RP1510 on 145.250Mhz

which is on a 42ft tower links to AA1PN's 224.240Mhz Repeater or the KQ1L Link Network new.gif (135 bytes)

It uses the NHRC-6 controller with Two Wacom WP-430-3 Notch Cavities

Both Repeaters use Diamond F-23A Verticals fed with LMR-400 Coax.


147.000 Mhz Repeater KQ1L/R

Bagley Amateur Radio Club's Repeater

Located 860ft on Bagley Mountain Lincoln Maine

linked to the KQ1L Network

449.275 Mhz Repeater K1AQ/R

is a E.F.Johnson MT-684 Slightly Converted MobilePhone to Ham Bands

(which Johnson said could not be done)

uses a WB3ESS controller w/phone patch and link

into a Motorola 4-Can Duplexer and ShackMaster Vertical

relocated at SouthTwin Lake.

KA1EKS is operating numerous APRS equiptment.

Tracker KA1EKS-14 is Rand McNally StreetFinder GPS feeding data to a Kantronics KPC-3 with 8.2 Firmware into  an Alinco DR-1200T and Larson 2m/440 mag-mount.

Home Station KA1EKS is a Kantronics KAM-E running WINAPRS2.85 HF/VHF GATEWAY on a PII450mmx Computer into HF TS-140s with R4 Vertical and VHF Alinco DR1200T into a Ringo Ranger II.

new2.gif (365 bytes) KA1EKS-8 is UIDIGI v1.9B3 for remote/local aprs as STLAKE

KA1EKS-1 is using APRSCE in a HP Jornada PocketPC fed by a Garmin 45XL. an upgrade from Map-n-Go.

Wide/Relay/Trace (soon to be uidigi 1.9b3) in Lincoln Maine KA1EKS-6

is a Ramsey 2M Kit 4Watts at 860feet using UIDIGI 1.8B Firmware.

new2.gif (365 bytes) Coming soon KB1JVP-2 uidigi at IslandFalls 145.170 Repeater site

All my uidigi's will soon be with the new-N Wn-ME paradigm 1.9b3 versions

HF Freq: 10.151Mhz. LSB 300baud

VHF Freq: 144.390Mhz FM 1200Buad

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