This is a schematic I found on the internet..Some people are having troubles finding the site or it is being blocked..

It is a simple Audio Power Amp using a NEC uPC1230H2(2) 20watt Ouput Intergrated Circuit <--PDF File

I have sold several dozen of these on ebaY and had one fellow had a few problems developing a I made one from this diagram and it worked great..after making one on a protoboard I found it idled at 80ma with it is very efficent to use in most applications you might have..This circuit will be useful for monitoring any low level raw audio..or a great addition to that repeater discriminator inside the shack..I will be putting my prototype on a heatsink and run it for an outdoor amplified   monitor speaker..maybe the next one will be added to the heatsink and run stereo..more on this later.. (grin)

snap0774.jpg (43880 bytes)

upc1230h2.gif (7589 bytes)

This second diagram is the values I used in my prototype (below)

upc1230h2a.gif (8087 bytes)

snap1404.jpg (34286 bytes)

snap1405.jpg (34249 bytes)

thanks to for the schematic