February 8th, 2014 Foxhunt

Phil backed his truck up tucked under the 6th Street ramp from I-71 north into downtown. His vehicle was positioned so that the only signal would go East - and reflect off of Mt. Adams. We got good signals from the start and pointed towards downtown. I made a bad mistake coming down Central Parkway and went after a reflection up into Clifton - but then I got as more direct reading and came down towards the casino and then right to him. WB4SUV beat me soundly with 19 minutes, we were at 37 minutes.

June 13th, 2014 Foxhunt

What a fun day! We had Ron Reigler with us, KD8VOR. Excellent signals from the start, had to use attenuation. The first bearing was 220 and we were thinking Ohio, since it was so strong. started south near 75, and got 245 degrees near Hopple, so we thought we would go up Queen City. Got to Sunset and nothing - zero. Went up to Glanway and still nada. Oops - go back to where we had signal. Picked it up again near 75 and decided to go south. Got to River road and headed west (still had OH on the brain). At the Speedway it said right across the river. So we went back to 75, crossed the bridge and headed out Route 8. Dispite the very slow pickup in front of us, we went right to him, at the Lodlow Bromley Yacht Club - He even bought lunch! We beat WB4SUV - yay! The Polar Pi worked alot better this time, and was a real asset. Still needs more work, of course.

July 5th, 2014 ARDF in the Netherlands

In a wonderful concidence, a family reunion in Holland just happened to be at the same time as the Netherlands ARDF championships! I wasn't sure if the schedule would work out, but I brought my gear with me anyways. I was able to compete in the first event of the day, which was 80m. The Dutch people were excellent hosts and even used mostly english (since my dutch is almost zero). The weather was great and I did fairly well, although I sure could have picked a better order. In their ARDF events, everyone has to find all 5 transmitters, and then they apply a power factor to adjust for different ages/classes. It was a great time, I met some wonderful people and I was very happy that I went!

Event results page

July 19th, 2014 Foxhunt

Bad day - lol. We had a new ham join us, Hutch. First bad sign, my raspberry PI started throwing errors and I could not fix them before the start, so I gave up on it. Next, no signal at all from the start - zero. Phil gave us a hint and said head east, so my thoughts went to the Milford area. We went Cross county to 71 to Red Bank and then out rt 50. Still zero signal. Coming into Milford, crossing the bike trail we finally got something to the NNW. Snaked around the area following the max signal we ended up at Wards Corner and 275. Somehow I had it in my mind that he was at Camp Friedlander, but no, the signal said west from there. So the next obvious place was Lake Isabella, and sure enough, thats where he was. Dick beat us soundly, and it was a day of things not going right.

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