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FALL/WINTER 1999/2000

New Digital Operating Mode:

PSK31 is the hottest new amateur radio digital mode.  This mode uses only 31.25 Hz bandwidth and can pull out the weakest of signals using the DSP features of your 16 bit sound card within your PC.  If you'd like to get started in this new mode visit the PSK31 web site at!  This mode just might replace RTTY someday!  Check it out!  It can be fun to keyboard with someone halfway across the world!

Upcoming Exams:

The next exam session for Garrett County is on Saturday, March 18, 2000.  Please visit the following page for more details at:
 Upcoming Exam Page

Next ARES Meeting:

The next ARES meeting is scheduled to be held on Monday, January 10, 2000.  Everyone is invited to attend.  ARES really could use any and all volunteers!  Please visit the ARES page for more details at:
 ARES Page

Other Amateur Radio News:

The ARRL has a great page for all sorts of Amateur Radio News.  It's available in text or Real Audio format.  It's a great source of information concerning amateurs across the country and around the world.  Visit their page at:
 ARRL Amateur News

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