Flag antenna transformers

Looking to make your new Delta, Pennant, Flag receiving antenna really play?

Check out the KB-5 transformer.

  • 900 ohm low capacitance primary antenna connection. Isolation: Less than 6pf (3-4pf typical) inter-winding capacitance for minimum common mode transfer, and best ground independence.
  • Available in SO-239, BNC, or F type fittings for matching 50 or 75 ohm coax.
  • Stainless steel wing nut connections for antenna wires.
  • Now in smaller, light weight, same high quality, more manageable boxes when using using SO-239, BNC, and F type coax fittings.
  • The KB-5 is wound with BN-73-202 binocular cores for 50 or 75 ohm coax matching.
  • Same high quality as other K1FZ products.
  • Flag, Pennant, and Delta antennas require a preamplifier, usually located in the radio room.
  • Also available in the MF range from 160 meters to the new 630 meter band.(472-479 KHZ). Please specify "MF" when ordering.
  • This transformer will bring your Flag, Pennant, or Delta antenna to life! You will not believe the difference!

KB-5 transformer $70.00 plus shipping
Starting January 2014, until further notice, receive a free termination resistor* with each new KB-5 transformer purchase.
*NTE wire wound resistor with very low inductance that works exceptionally well as a termination resistor on low bands.

Questions/orders Email: k1fz@myfairpoint.net

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