CIARA logo: an outer circle with Public Service, Technology, Education on the upper arc, Central Indiana Amateur Radio Association on the lower arc; in the center are the letters CIA, with the I as a tower.

CIARA/HCARES Membership and Dues


CIARA is a general-interest radio club that is operated by Hamilton County Amateur Radio Emergency Services, Inc. While we usually meet in Noblesville (Hamilton County), membership is open to anyone who is interested. We welcome both new and returning or renewing members.
Full membership is available to anyone holding an FCC Amateur Radio license. Full members may vote and hold office.
Associate membership is available to all interested persons. Associate members may not hold office, providing that it is consistent with FCC regulations.


Please send Dues to Sherrie Vermande, KD5YBP

Due to the high mailing cost of the newsletter, postal mailing has been limited. 


HCARES Dues are $12.00 per year for an individual. It is $18.00 per year for a family membership. You may pay at any meeting or send this form to KD5YPB, Sherrie Vermande. Please fill out the membership form so that we can keep our records up to date.


Download membership application and information form (Microsoft Word)

Indiana ARES logo: an circle with the ARES logo, surrounded by an outline of Indiana's borders.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service is a voluntary organization of licensed Amateur Radio operators who have registered with their state ARES organization. To find out about Indiana ARES, click this link.

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