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If you are interested in Auroral Propagation this site will give you up to date info. Shows Auroral ovals colour greyline plots & lots of other useful information.

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600W PA for 6M is described. Originally published in "Radcom" 1996.

150W 6M PA using a BLW96 Originally published in "RadCom" June 1986.

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A few Mathcad7™ files to help with the complex maths for Phased Array Design Click below to go directly there. All of these files are also availaable from "The 80M Antenna" page

Calculate Impedance V & I along a length of coaxial cable.

Design T and PI Phase Shift Networks for Phased Arrays

 Radcom Plus article: "Vertical Phased Arrays From Compromised Locations".

 Covers the theory & design of 2 and 3 element in-line vertical phased arrays.

  Mathcad files are also available to do all of the complex number crunching.

A few photo's and bits about VHF RDF with Horsham Amateur Radio Club. Click button below

 Nokia Dolphin TTRX Modifications for a 200 Watt PA on the 70cmc band.