R1000 Upgrade - Step by Step Details

Tip - Before you start!

Circuits and Diagrams

  1. Unscrew/Pull off front control knobs.
  2. Unplug connectors - make a note of position/connector number.
  3. Remove screws securing main board.
  4. Locate the 3SK74's in turn (Q1, Q7 and Q9), and desolder each leg, one at a time. Be sure to use a hot (25W at least) soldering iron, with a good wetted tip, melt existing solder and follow-through quickly with the solder sucker. Use a pair of tweezers to release the FET's legs from the hole/solder pad, and remove the FET.
  5. Re-fit the new FET (BF981) having orientated it so the D (Drain) long-leg fits into the correct PCB hole. It is an exact replacement so should drop in nicely. Trim the excess length off the legs before soldering in place.
  6. Refit the main board in the reverse order.
  7. Re-alignment should not be necessary.

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