My native language is Thai. Please forgive me for any mistakes in English.Emmm..If you are kind , please comment or teach me by mail me at a general information of Thailand, I think you can find it or link to any related sites by clicking on Links menu. But.. the information on this page , I think it will be useful for foreign Hams who would like to be in Thailand.

Thailand ??? Where ??

Continent: AS (South east Asia)
CQ Zone: 26
ITU Zone: 49
Latitude: 13.80
Longitude: -100.50
UTC offset: +7
Prefix: HS , E2

Population: 60 million
Capital: Bangkok
Government: Democracy
Language: Thai
DXCC Admission Date: 15/11/1945
Admission Criteria: 1
Country number: 193

Thai governmental department who take respondsibilites of Radio Frequency.

Post and Telegraph Department of Thailand.
87 Pahonyothin 8 Rd., Soi Sai-Lom PhraYaThai Bangkok 10400 Thailand
Tel. (+662) 2710151-60

How to contact RAST (Radio Amateur Society of Thailand) ?

Via Web:
Snail mail : GPO Box 2008 Bangkok 10501 Thailand.
Email :

The place to buy, find or repair Electronic stuffs in Bangkok , Thailand.

In Bangkok , a capital city of Thailand. There 's one area where we call "Ba-an Mor". It's the Electronic zone. You can buy, find, or repair any electronic stuffs you want. There are Radio stuffs ,too. This is a map for you which you can say or send to thai taxi drivers. EZ! "Ba-an Mor".

Short Telephone numbers , when you need help.

191 - Polices. (MayDay..)
123 - Thai polices.
199 - Thai firemen.
1155 - help line for tourists.
1699 - Tourism police.
13 for asking any telephone numbers in Bangkok and five closed cities.
183 for asking any telephone numbers in other provinces.

Necessary Thai words...

0-9 Number - use your fingers easier.
Ten - "Sib"
one hundred - "Roy"
one thousand - "Paan"
Hotel - "Rong Ram"
Toilet - "Hong Nam"
Sick - "Mai Sa buy"

Where - "Thee Nai"
What - "A Rai"
Yes - "Chai"
No - "Mai"
Doctor - "Mhor"
Hospital - "Rong Pa Ya Bann"
Car - "Rod"
Police - "Tam Ruad"

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