About me...

I am Thai .I was born in 1977 and live in Bangkok,Thailand. My native language is Thai.(That's why I am not good at English Haa...Haa..) I have a lot of hobbies.This is my one hobby which I began interesting when I was 15 years old. But I intend to do this hobby ,when I started my life at my university in 1994.I learned about this hobby alone from books and magazines.I knew about how I should be ham from one magazine. In Thailand we have to pass the examination to be authorized to be ham. I had to do it.So I got an elementary certificate of Amateur Radio in Thailand on 29 January 1997 (novice class).And when I bought my first "ICOM T22E" , I got my callsign "E20KGR". This time , I think I want more experience for this one hobby. (O!..but I'm lazy...) Hahaaa... ..... .. .


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