Cross-Yagis for EME Cross-Yagis for Terrestrial and Satellite Work





built by



19-El.-X-Rope-Yagi by

Henk,  PA0EME


Stairway to heaven!

There are two reasons for polarization rotations of the signal on the path eath-moon-earth:

1. Geometric Rotation (or Spatial Polarization), shown on the picture right.

2. Faraday Rotation, caused by the ionosphere.

For more information about these problems look on the interesting site of Ian, G3SEK:

For EME a clever switching system from IK2UWL is shown at the left picture. This system was used at the EME-expedition CE0Y/DK2ZF in October 2010.

For transmitting always circular polarization is used. The two Yagis (are Yagi.groups) are coupled with the 2.way splitter from the lines L1 and L2.

For receiving the H/V-relay, switched by hand, is set for the best received signal strength. Most of the times only one polarization gives a detectable signal on the WSJT-screen.

A better method is, to couple the two receiving coax lines to two preamps and two computers, on both running the WSJT-program.