POSTAL ADDRESS: P.O. Box 45681, Nairobi - 00100, KENYA.


    Applications for Society membership should be sent to the Secretary at P. O. Box 45681, Nairobi 00100.
   Fees are:

                                                             Entry Fee                Annual Subscription              Total  

Full member (licensed)                          1000/=                            2,000/=                          3,000/=

Associate member (unlicensed)              500/=                             1,000/=                          1,500/=

Student member                                       75/=                                200/=                            275/=

Joint members (husband & wife)    -   150% of applicable rate   

Note: Subscriptions are for the calendar year, renewable each January.

    There are only about 75 Full amateur licenses issued and current in Kenya, plus some Novices, but many of the holders live abroad. Only about 8 are now regularly active within Kenya. The Society Station 5Z4RS, based at the HQ & Shack, sadly is seldom on  the air due to shortage of operators.

    The usual Region 1 amateur band limits are authorised in Kenya, but NOT 4 meters.  On VHF the 2 meter band is confined to the Region I limits 144 - 146 MHz.  160 meters is limited to 1.81 to 1.85 MHz.   The 40 meter band is now extended from 7.0 - 7.2 MHz.

    Whenever possible the Society supports Radio Scouting and the annual Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) in conjunction with the Kenya Scouts Association, as far as the number of licensed operators allows.   

     Radio Clubs exist at Starehe Boys Centre & School, Nairobi and  Friends School Kamusinga, in western Kenya.

    The power supply in Kenya is nominally 240VAC, 50hz.  Variable voltage, spikes and sporadic, unexpected, unscheduled power cuts of varying duration can be expected.

    The major radio suppliers have Agencies in Nairobi, but some spares may take time to obtain.

    East African Time (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania including Zanzibar) is UTC +3 hours.

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