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Psalm 91:1

1He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:4

4He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your

 shield and rampart.

Prayer Requests



4 July 15

From Pat - KCYHV, The Doctor put me on a 2 week heart monitor on Tuesday. So please just pray for me it gets awful tiring going through this stuff  God Bless you  Pat

From Ron - KIC, Pray for God's comfort and help during these days.  His father passed away on May 20 and his mother died on Jun 18.  While this was somewhat expected, it is still difficult for Ron and his family


And remember Dennis - KKDJ as he is recovering from a week-long illness.  I saw him Thursday night, and he is pretty well recovered, but would still appreciate your prayers.


2 July 2015 

Steve W5HSJ just spent 8 days on a ventilator suffering from a neuromuscular disease called Mystenia Gravis. He also had Pneumonia. Please join me in prayer for Steve to get stronger each day.

Brother Denis


30 June 2015

This is a prayer request for long-time ARMS member Frank Skid Skidmore, K7OKT. I heard from his son and both Frank and Mary are now in an assisted living facility in Lynnwood, Washington.  They formally lived on Lopez Island, Washington and he was active on the NW ARMS Net. Son Maynard said his Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2009 and is doing very poorly. Pray that the Lords precious will be done in the lives of these dear folks.


Chuck N7AAG


20 June 2015

Dave, WA4DUP will be undergoing eye implant surgery on Thursday of this week and is requesting our prayers.

Please join with me in prayer for Dave. My thanks to you all, Jay


13 June 2015

Ted, AA7HX, is requesting continued prayer for his wife Ann.  The hernia surgery was successful, but shes still experiencing lots of pain during recovery. Please join with me in continued prayer for Ann.

My thanks to you all.



The following is a prayer request forwarded to us from Frank Brodale, of the ARMS net. Please join with me in prayer for Kathy, that she will have a speedy recovery from breast surgery.

My thanks to you all,


1 June 2015

Jerry, K1GUP of the ARMS net is requesting prayer for Tracy, a brand new Christian friend whos suffering with a disease thats somewhat like Parkinson's, and will be going in for surgery one day this month.

Please join with me in prayer for Tracy.

My thanks to you all,


29 May 2015


Three prayer items from Jay


Prayer request for Eddie Mills, whos suffering with colon cancer.

Roland, VA7RA is suffering with sciatic nerve pain, and is requesting our prayers.

Denis, WD4ACH is suffering with back spasms, and is requesting our prayers.

Please join with me in prayer for Eddie, Roland, and Denis.

My thanks to you all,



14 May 2015

Two items for prayer from Pat.

Pat, KCYHV wrote:   "I just got some bad news about my health. I have just been told I have Angina and it can be as bad as a heart attack and is life threatening.  They do believe they can treat it with medication.....  Please keep me in your prayers. And, I just got off the phone with Keith, WAJGT, who tells me that his wife, Beth, is suffering from the auto-immune problem that she had a couple of years back.  It affects her a number of ways.  They are working on seeing a Rheumatologist in Rochester, Minnesota.   As a result, they won't be coming to the Midwest ARMS meeting in Pella this Saturday.  Pray for Keith and Beth that they work through these challenges.

Yours in Christ,

Roger - WZMU - Midwest ARMS secretary


10 May 2015

Dave, WA4DUP will be undergoing eye surgery Monday afternoon and is requesting our prayers.

Denis, WD4ACH will be undergoing back surgery on Wednesday, the 20th of this month, and is requesting our prayers.

Please join with me in prayer for Dave, and for Denis.

My thanks to you all.



4 May 2015

The family of Jon Ambrose is requesting prayer for Jon. He will be going into the hospital on the 13th of this month for major surgery on his sinuses. This is an extremely dangerous operation, due to the passages being so close to the brain. Please join with me in prayer for Jon.

My thanks to you all,


29 March 2015

Update from Jay

As it turned out Brett Aug, was operated on this morning, and came through the surgery very well. His vanes are healthy and he is in the recovery room as I write. Due to a blood circulation situation that he will have to deal with the rest of his life, he will have to take a low dose aspirin every day for a blood thinner. Brett and his entire family want to express their thanks to you all for your much appreciated prayers.

My thanks to you all,


19 March 2015

Prayers for Chuck as he writes this!

Our Dear Lord lifted my wife, Marilyn Rose, Home to His Arms on Friday morning, April 17th. The memorial Service will be Friday morning, April 24th at the Grace Brethren Church, with burial at Lower Valley Cemetery. She lost her battle with chronic kidney failure and Alzheimer's but is safely home. Chuck


19 April 2015

Wayne, KI0SM of the Hams for Christ net is requesting prayer for his wife Nadine, whos been suffering with some health issues that so far the doctors have not been able to diagnose.  She is currently still undergoing additional testing. Nadine thinks its either her gall bladder, or maybe a pancreas related issue.

Please join with me in prayer for Nadine.

My thanks to you all,



4 April 2015

Greetings during this Easter season.

The following request comes through Roger WZMU

Ken KBQBU writes, my wife, Cora, had a very mild TIA (minor stroke) last week so that has put a lot of extra visits to medical offices the last week. She has a little memory loss but nothing else. Please pray for her complete recovery and return to ministry. Let us all pray that the truth of this Easter season be seen and believed by those who are skeptics. There are many of them.

Blessings, Roger WZMU - Midwest Section Secretary ARMS


21 March 2015

Ed, W4VGI is requesting prayer for Barry, NG4M whos facing surgery. Bill, W3LAB is requesting prayer for his wife, Tammy, whos been suffering for 25 years with a disease. The one forwarding this prayer request to me didnt say what this disease was.

Please join with me in prayer for Barry, and for Tammy.

My thanks to you all,


Please pray for these fellow believers that the Lord will hold them and bless and keep them safe by his will.


14 March 2015

Good net this morning.  A few things to pray and praise for this week.

WAJGT, Keith reports that his wife, Beth is getting her voice back after surgery several weeks ago.  He says that is almost back to normal, only giving problems if she talks a lot.  That has been a concern fro some time.

KGE, Bruce has some major dental work done, and asks that we pray from complete recovery.  In the meantime, he has some discomfort.

and Bernie KBL, of West Bend, Iowa has been going through some times of trial.   While not a member of ARMS, he does check in from time to time, and some of us met him at last year's get together in West, Bend, Iowa.   Bernie has had mobility problems for some time, which kept him away from his rig.  After spending some 10 days in the hospital in Ames, Iowa, the doctors seem to have found the problem and are treating it.  He is taking some antibiotics daily by IV over a six week period and it seems to be doing the job.  He joined us this morning on 3903.5.

So, praise seems to outweigh the requests today.

Psalm 96, verse 2 says:  Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day!"

73 and 99,

Roger - WZMU


12 March 2015

Please send up prayers John the son of Rich WBAKV as he goes in for surgery today. Hold him in your arms dear Lord and heal his pain and suffering and watch after his family.


11 March 2015

Herb, N4PHC has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He has a meeting with the doctor today in order to discuss his treatment options.

Please pray for Herb in this troubling time that it will be an easy treatment for him and please Dear Lord be by his side sheltering him in your loving arms as he progresses through this troubling time.


10 March 2015

Please put me on your prayer list as I am having some problems with blood pressure and heart problems
Thanks and God Bless you
Pat kc0yhv

Please add Pat to our prayers as he travels through these heart problems and blood pressure issues. As our brother is troubled with these issues Dear Lord hold him gently in your loving arms and ease all problems as your will be done. 


8 March 2015

Prayer request from Chuck, N7AAG , About Ann The wife of Dave W7PTL. Please pray for Dave and family at this time of hard transition in their lives. Dear Lord please ease all pain and suffering during this time and always as into your hands we comment these needs of our brother Dave and his family. 

My wife, Ann, died suddenly this past Tuesday. She had been having problems which demanded my attention, and thus my recent absence from the 20 and 75 meter ARMS nets. Her funeral will be this coming Monday. I don't know when I will be able to get back on the nets, but would you be so kind as to pass this information on to both nets? Many thanks.
Dave, W7PTL


5 March 2015

Please pray for Herb as he is needing prayers for a problem he will relay to us later. The Lord knows his needs so please Dear Lord look after our brother in this time of need and always as into your hands we commend him.


20 February 2015

Received this from Chuck so please keep him in your prayers for 17 March and beyond as he undergoes his knee replacement and recovery. Please Lord take care of our brother in fellowship with you.


I saw the surgeon this morning and my total knee replacement procedure is sked for March 17th at Memorial Hospital in Yakima. Probably 3 days there and then ten days of rehab in the rehab wing of Prestige Care here in Sunnyside where Marilyn is a resident.

73/99 Chuck / N7AAG

19 February 2015

Received this request in Email from jay so please Lord into your hands we commend Dick for this surgery.

Dick, K7VCD of the ARMS net will be undergoing a special procedure on his vocal chords on March 10th, and requesting our prayers that the doctor will be successful performing this cleaning process.

Please join with me in prayer for Dick.

My thanks to you all,


February 2015

Please pray for all people out east for the troubles they are having with the snow, wind, rain and all the weather problems. These are disastrous proportions dear Lord and into your hands we commend these problems and ask you look after the fellow believers and all people during these trying times.


17 February 2015

K4RBZ Gerry, our ARMS president starts his cardiac rehab next week so please say some prayers for his fast rehab and back to normal life operations. Please Dear Lord look after our brother during this rehabilitation and make it easy and fast as your will desires. AMEN!


16 February 2015

Please send up prayers for Mavis the Grandmother of Kirsten wife of Rich WBAKV as she is in the hospital and not expected to live. Pray for her daughter to get there before her passing if that is the Lords will. Also some prayers for Little John the son of Rich as he undergoes surgery on his knee for a torn ACL on March 7th. Please look after these fellow believers and guide them through these times of troubles dear Lord.


14 February 2015

Please send up some prayers for Harold KI5KF. He is having some health problems but not sure what they are. Our Lord knows it all so please look after our brother Harold dear God and comfort an heal him in this time of need. 


12 February 2015

Please send up some Prayer requests for Chuck N7AAG as he goes in for some knee surgery and for Marilyn as they travel down the path the Lord has established for them. Look after them both Dear Lord and gently hold them in your Loving Arms during this and all times of need.


9 February 2015

Some prayer requests from Roger WZMU, and thanks from him for the prayers for him and Family. Into your hands dear Lord we commend the needs of these and all people and lead us to serve you always.

A few items from today's Midwest net.

The son of Rich, WBAKV is having surgery on his ACL.  A quick recovery and return to normal is desired.


The brother of Tom, AALF, Kevin had a "mild" heart attack on Friday evening (if there is such a thing as a "mild" heart attack.)  They plan to put in a stent.  Kevin is the Assistant Pastor of a church there in Marion, Iowa.  Heart attacks are always something to be concerned about.


Dennis, KKDJ praises God that things are going well for his son, who is in the US Navy.  Pray as you see fit for this service man, that he will remain true to the Lord in the many places and circumstances in which the Lord will place him.


And Keith, WAJGT, reports that the voice of his wife, Beth, is improving, ever so slowly.  Keith's blood clot situation continues to improve, and the doctors are now regulating his medications to the right level to prevent a recurrence.


And, from our house, our grandson, Micah is pretty much recovered from his tonsil and adenoid surgery.  Your prayers were appreciated.  It would have been very easy to be discouraged and depressed during the two week recovery ordeal.  He has come out of this with a positive attitude, and looking forward to what the Lord has for him now.


Thanks much, and above all, pray that all of us will remain faithful and consistent in our daily life and witness.

73 and 99

Roger  -  WZMU


5 February 2015

Please send up prayers for the spirit to move in the heart of Rich, a good friend of Harold KI5KF. We pray the spirit will move him to the ways of the Lord as he is already doing the actions of the Lord it would seem. Bless him Lord and put the Holy spirit in his heart to follow you.


24 January 2015

Some request from WZMU Roger via Email.

Tom, AALF, reports that Maxine, WQCB has recovered from her fall earlier in the winter.  The doctor says that she is healed and can get back to a normal life, Praise the Lord!

Roger - WZMU

 WAJGT, Keith's wife Beth had surgery several days ago.  Keith reports that she has now lost the use of half of her voice-box as a complication from the surgery.  The doctor doesn't think that he nicked it in the procedure, but the problem affects Beth's voice.  Pray for a complete recover. And, Keith himself went into the Emergency Room on Wednesday with a blood clot in the calf of his leg.  He is taking a medicine to dissolve it.  Here, too, he asks for prayer for healing as he continues to care for Beth.

WAAKV, Rich's mother-in-law had knee replacement surgery.  He gives praise that the rehab has been going very well and she is now discharged from the rehab center and is home.  God is good!  

And our middle grandson, Micah is recovering from his tonsil/adenoid surgery.  For an adult, that is more of an ordeal.  Pray that he can have a positive, God-honoring attitude during his recover.  He is an active, athletic type of person, and has difficulty being cooped up, and not being able to participate in sporting activities.  

Roger - WZMU

Please pass these prayers on to our Lord and Savior for His works in all these to be accomplished to His will through the Holy Spirit. Amen


24 January 2015

Request from KC5ZLX Clayton, Please send prayers up for Alberto, a child in El Salvador, who has cancer and his family does not have the money for some treatments. Please Lord look after Alberto and his family for this treatment. Into your hands dear Lord we commend this child of yours.


19 January 2015

Prayer request received by Email so please pray for the needs of all the things listed from this family. As you know the needs of us all Dear Lord please look after these your children with the needs they have asked of you as into your hands we commend these requestes.

Please pray for:
0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ,
1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel -
"..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15
2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel, studying for Peter, working for Edmund, Dorothy and Ann( Ann need husband),
3. God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses.
Great stress and continuous attacks from bosses. I work in insurance corporation as programmer.
Thank you.
Edmund Krzeminski

17 January 2015

Greetings to you all.

Happily, got a new computer up and running, and after much distress, got the Outlook e-mail up and running.

A couple of things to share with you today.

Pat, KCYHS's wife Nancy has been very ill.  She and Pat both need our prayers to see them through.

Keith, WAJGT's wife Beth had surgery last Wednesday and is recovering.  Pray for a complete recovery and for Keith as he helps her along that way.

Last week, I asked for prayer for my wife's mother as she was hospitalized with a collapsed lung and pneumonia.   She was released from the hospital on Monday and is doing fine.  At 98 years, she is a bit more fragile than most of us.

Our second grandson, Micah, is having surgery on Tuesday.  He is pretty anxious about it.  Pray that he will experience God's peace and that recovery will be even faster than the doctors predict. His parents are serving the Lord in the Philippines, so they aren't there with him. God can and does answer prayer!

Yours in Christ,

Roger - WZMU

Please send up prayers for all these requests and commend to the Arms of the Lord for his purposes. Blessings to all!



15 January 2015

Please send prayers up for Jody, good friend of James K5BWW who is undergoing a large mass surgery at this time. Hold him to your precious bosom and heal his health problems and physical needs.


15 January 2015

Please continue some prayers for Ora as he goes in next week for some radiation treatment on his hips. Dear Lord you know all the physical problems and needs of Ora in their fullness so our prayer is please hold him and Connie sheltered in your arms for these and all needs he has.


10 January 2015

Some prayer requests from Roger WZMU, so please pray for all these people. Into your hands o Lord we commend all these children belonging to you for their help in this time of need.


I have a few prayer requests to share with you from the net this morning.

Pray for Bernie, KBL of West Bend, Iowa.  He is going through some back problems and suffering from pain in his leg.  Some of you might remember Bernie, who came out to meet those of us who went to the Midwest meeting last summer.

Pray for the Giles family, friends of Rich, WBAKV of Westminster, Colorado.  They have some real needs, and lets pray that the Lord would surround them with HIS love and care.

And lastly, pray for my wifes 98 year old mother, Wilma,  who lives here in Pella.  She is in the hospital recovering from a collapsed lung.  (She had the same thing about a month ago.)  Then, she apparently has a touch of pneumonia as well, which doesnt help.  We pray for healing, but she is ready to meet her Lord.  As of this evening, she was doing quite well, and might be discharged on Monday or so.

Thanks for your intercession.  And, as always pray that the Word of God will go out clearly and consistently, especially in those areas of the world where there is oppression and persecution.

Yours in Christ,

Roger - WZMU

8 January 2015

Please Continue prayers for K4RBZ Gerry that he has not overdone as the operation he had is very serious. Keep him and Shirley in your arms dear Lord and help the recovery be easy and fast.


3 January 2015

Send many loud and glorious praises of thanks to our Lord and Savior for returning Gerry K4RBZ to a healthy state and to us as he is home and on the radio this morning. Continue prayers for continued advances as he is weak and voice is weak also. Praise God from all blessings flow!!


1 January 2015

Please pray continually for Gerry as he is struggling with some pain and problems with the heart surgery from Monday. Please Lord Look after our friend and ease his pain and recovery.


29 December 2014

Please remember and pray for our President K4RBZ this morning as he goes through the heart bypass and surgery. Dear God please guide the hands of surgeon Dr. Jerome Mc Donald @ Rockingham Memorial hospital and give Gerry a fast and painless recovery.


27 December 2014

From Keith Sykora WA0JGT Please remember my wife Beth in your prayers. She will have surgery on Jan. 6th to remove her thyroid. She is fighting a cold and needs strength to be healthy by Jan. 6th. Ask the Lord to guide the surgeons as they remove the thyroid and to protect the nerves to her voice box. 73 & 99 Keith.

Dear Lord please take care of the needs of these your faithful servants and hold them in your loving arms and heal their pain and speed their recovery.


23 December 2014

Gerry K4RBZ goes in for his orientation for his very serious heart surgery so please remember him to our Lord as the surgery is for replacement of a heart valve and for a double bypass. Lord please look after Gerry and family and guide the doctors hands and skills and give him a fast and easy recovery.


23 December 2014

Please continue prayers for Ora and family as the cancer has spread to his bones. Please God ease Ora and this family as he is suffering through all this trauma.


18 December 2014

Update from Gerry, His Catheterization went well but there was some blockage, 60 to 70 %, so he will be going in for a bypass. Please pray for the Lord to guide the surgeons hands and to keep Gerry, Shirley and family in His Arms during this troubling time and give them peace and quick recovery. 


11 December 2014

Update from Gerry K4RBZ

He will going in for a heart catheterization on 22 December followed by open heart surgery on the 29th to replace a heart valve. Please pray for him and family as it is proceeding much faster than he thought. Keep him safe Dear Lord and watch over his recovery.


10 December 2014

Please keep Gerry K4RBZ in our prayers as he sees a heart surgeon for the replacement of a heart valve. He is seeing the surgeon in the next days to set a schedule to get this done. Into your hands Dear Lord we commend the doctor to guide his hands as he works with Gerry.


4 December 2014

Please send more requests to Our Lord for relief for Denis WD4ACH as he is still suffering from Neck Spasms. Watch after our brother and Thursday net controller Lord and hold him safely in you saving arms. 


1 December 2104

Please send up a prayer for Gerry K4RBZ our President as he goes through some carpel tunnel surgery on his hand. Dear Lord please hold Gerry close to you and ease any worry or pain for him and ensure a quick recovery.


29 November 2014

From Roger - WZMU

We havent had many prayer requests in recent days for the Midwest Section of ARMS, but this morning I noted down a few to share with you.  There are all physical problems, but lets also pray that these folks will see your hand at work during these times of difficulty.  That, even through adversity, God is faithful and true!


Pat, KYHV had a fall and bruised his ribs.  He is pretty uncomfortable at the time, and probably will be for a couple of weeks.

Denis, WD4ACH, who many know through the 20 meter net, has had neck surgery and is recovering.

Ora, KE7BF, the ARMS treasurer has been going though some heart problems and is recovering. Also has Prostate cancer but doctor says it is not terminal and is treatable


Keep these brothers in your prayers as the Lord deals with each situation in HIS way.


28 November 2014

From Lew

Please say a prayer for my Wife Mickey as she is struggling with some diabetes, weight gain, and depression at this time. Lord look after my wife and please ease these earthly ills till we can be with you again in that glorious place you have prepared for us through the death of your son our savior Jesus Christ. Thank you dear Lord for the 52 years you have blessed us with and may our wish be your will. Amen


26 November 2014

Please send up prayers for two of our Net controllers, AL7AX Ken for his eye problem and for Denis WD4ACH for some muscle spasms and general health issues. Please Lord keep our fellow believers in your loving arms for the care they need at this time and heal their illness as your will would be. 


12 November 2014

Please pray for my mother. She has been having pain in her lower back and leg. Basically where her leg connects to her hip. This is compounded by the fact that she is a caregiver to my aunt, who is disabled.

Chuck Adkins K8CPA

Received this E-Mail from Chuck so please keep him and his mother in our prayers as they travel through this time of need and Grace. Lord hold them in your arms to ease the pain and we put them in your hands for the care thay require to care for all their needs.

12 November 2014

Please send up your prayers for Ken AL7AX as he is having some ongoing eye problems with his left eye as it is getting more fuzzy to see out of it. Please Lord as is your Grace and mercy look after our friend, your servant.


12 November 2014

Received the following E-mail from Chuck Winters so please Dear Lord look after the needs of these your faithful servants as all of us here send up prayers for your Grace and peace during these times of trouble in our fellow believers, Gordon Tiessen VE7BQA and Leone and for Ora KE7BF and Connie.


Leone & I are getting tested this week, Leone for heart and shortness of breath and I started seeing double, so go to the TIA clinic tomorrow for ECG, Catscan, Etc. to try to find out what's going on. Appreciate your prayers.


Also had an e-mail from Ora, KE7BF- he's certainly not feeling good and is scheduled to see a doctor tomorrow reference a colonoscopy. Test results from the prostate biopsy not available until the 26th. Keep he and Connie in your prayers.

23 October 2014

From Chuck Winters

I called Ora's wife, Connie, this afternoon. She said he had another episode Tuesday night and they were at the ER until 4AM. This morning he was feeling so badly that he couldn't keep a doctor's appointment.  The doctor called him and there are some other medical issues he is dealing with besides the diverticulitis. They will try again in the morning to make it to Pasco for an appointment. Keep them both in your prayers. Dear Lord watch after Ora, his wife, and the doctors caring for him. 


21 October 2014

Please send up some prayers for K5VSP Boyce Guffey as he is having some high fevers and is in a care facility for this. Look after our brother dear Lord and hold him in your healing grace. 


16 October 2014

Please continue to pray for Ora, KE7BF as he is now on some meds for his kidney stones to help them pass without any surgery or complications. Also pray for Bob WA7BYD and his wife as he has reported she has been hospitalized with a possible stroke and would like the ARMS family to keep them in our prayers. Also send up prayers for James W0JBR going in for Lumbar surgery on 22 Oct. Dear Lord keep these shepherds of yours safe and sound in the care of your loving embrace.


2 October 2014

Please send up prayers for and encouragement to Ora KE7BF, and his Wife Connie, as he is having a painful episode of Kidney stones. Please Lord hold Ora and Connie in your loving arms through this pain and stress and encourage them through this time that this lasts for them. 


2 October 2014

Virginia the wife of Stan KD6WZA has come down with chicken pox and is really miserable so keep them both in our prayers. Look after your faithful servants Dear Lord and hold them close while they mend both physically and stressfully. 

12 September 2014

Update from Chuck On Marilyn, please keep the prayers going for him and Marilyn

Hello Lew,

After being told the Grandview facility where Marilyn has been for 9 months was closing and that there was no room at their sister facility here in Sunnyside for Marilyn many of us prayed. Tuesday morning she was moved by cabulance - to Sunnyside! She has a Christian roommate and is slowly adapting to new surroundings.  This morning I found her in the chapel with 20 other residents in a "hymn sing." Though she couldn't enter in to the singing it was obvious from her smile that she was enjoying it all. Praise be. So our dear Lord has gotten safely over another "bump in the road" - He's good at that.

73/99   Chuck

10 September 2014

Please send up prayers for Herb N4PHC our brother in Christ our Savior as he has Pneumonia in both lungs and took a fall. Please Dear God hold Herb in your loving arms and heal him of all these troubles as your will be done here on Earth. 


9 September 2014

Thank you all for the prayers and they have been answered in a huge way for My wife Mickey and the scan found no significant blockage in the heart and no action is required at this time. All Praise and Glory to God our Father and the son and the Holy spirit. AMEN!


9 September 2014

From the Eastern net WD4ACH Denis is asking for prayers for no surgery for an MRI that found a disc rubbing on his spinal column. May the Lord look after our brother and grant him peace and help him through this time of trouble in his life. Hold him in your hands dear Lord and may your will be done.


2 September 2014

Please send some prayers for WQCB, Maxine who fell and broke her arm.  She needs patience for healing as well as a better living situation.  It is difficult for her to keep up with things in her current condition. May God heal her arm and her heart to keep up and to have the wonderful life he has given us. Into your loving hands Dear Lord we commend these prayers for Maxine.


30 August 2014

KI4UHL (Larry & his Wife Mildred) ask that the ARMS group pray for their granddaughter Christy. She is very ill. Problem unknown. Please Lord receive these prayers for Christy and hold her in your hands and comfort her and all the family. Into your hands we place these prayers and Christy and your will be done. Amen!


30 August 2014

Please send up some prayers for my wife Carol/Mickey as she is going in for some testing on some blockage in her heart to determine if it can be handled with some meds. The doctor feels it will take some angioplasty or stints but not open heart surgery. Thanks Lew NCXY. Please Lord accept these prayers for my wife and best friend of 52 years.


4 August 2014

Please include my wife in some prayer requests as I had to rush her to the hospital last night for her blood pressure. It spiked at around 200/80 and she was very sick with much pain. There was no stroke and it was not a heart attack so praise God for that just the spike for some reason. Please include her for a blessing from our Lord and Savior. Thanks Lew

3 August 2014

Please send up some prayers for Stan and the problems he is having with his shoulder. Stan is pastor of the Happy Camp Bible Church in Happy Camp, California and part of our NW ARMS gang.

It looks as if I am not going to be able to check on the Thursday morning net because where my radio is I have to pull down the steps and I am not able to do that with my shoulder hurting like it is. Probably 3 weeks ago I had an arthogram done on my shoulders to see why they hurt so badly.  I can barely lift my right shoulder up and in order to get the steps down I have to be able to not only get the steps down but I have to get them back up and that I where the problem comes in. I am supposed to be getting a MRI on my shoulder and then I'll know more what is going to happen. As soon as I am able I will start checking in again. Stan/KD6WZA

Praying all is okay and we have back on the air really fast. God Bless.

22 June 2014

Update on Marilyn from Chuck N7AAG Please keep them in our prayers

Over the past few months Marilyn has been experiencing weight loss.  Her appetite is not very good and she is actually resistant to eating. The medical staff at Prestige Care advised me that this is to be expected and is part of the dementia. They have added protein supplemental drinks to her diet. She is receiving the best of care and for the most part is content.  Wanted you to have this update and again express my deepest appreciation to our ARMS family for their prayer support on our journey.

17 June 2014

Please send up some prayers for George, Brother of K4RBZ Gerry, as I have received he is having some illness or health issues as told to me by Wayne, WB7EIF. Please dear Lord hold Gerry's brother in the safety of your loving, caring arms and put the illness or trouble in your blood stained hands and let that precious blood wash away all the illness and problems he has, In your name we ask. Amen


17 June 2014

Harold, KI5KF of the ARMS net is requesting our prayers over an issue involving a son who is in rebellion, and totaled his car while driving drunk.  This and many other situations involving the son and other family members has placed a tremendous burden upon Harold and Carolyn. Please join with me in prayer for the rebellious son, and for special spiritual support to Harold and his wife Carolyn during this very emotional crisis.

My thanks to you all,



4 June 2014

Please join with me in prayer for Burney, WB0RNO of the Hams For Christ Net, and his son Tim over the loss of Tims 63 year old sister Deb.  Deb passed away on Monday after a three month hospital stay.

My thanks to you all,


16 May 2014

Roger Bowman, AD4GQ of the ARMS net is requesting prayer for his pastor, Steve Sanders who had a stroke on Wednesday. I just heard on this mornings net that Steve is back home, but needs our prayers.

Please join with me in continued prayer for Steve Sanders.

My thanks to you all,



14 May 2014

Stan, KD6WZA, is part of our NW ARMS group and is the long-time pastor of the Happy Camp Bible Church in Happy Camp, CA. He and his wife, Virginia, have been doing battle with several medical issues. He said it would be all right to share this with our greater ARMS Family to join together in prayer for these dear folks.


From Stan KD6WZA

I would appreciate prayers for Virginia.  She has been hurting so badly lately.  We still have not heard the results of the sonogram on her kidneys.  According to our doctor today she said that she has not gotten the report either.

I would appreciate prayer for myself as well.  My diabetes makes me itch all over and the shin on my left leg looks horrible.  Virginia is worried about the possibility of my losing my lower leg.  This concerns me as well.  Also,  I have been getting dizzy frequently for some reason when I stand up.  I have a lot of other things that I struggle with and I don't want to burden you with them all but please pray for both of us. Please Dear God smile down on these your humble servants and grant them the peace they need in this time of trouble, In Jesus name Amen!


13 May 2014

From Chuck / N7AAG

The brain scan that Marilyn had revealed a small stroke had indeed affected her right eye, causing it to turn inward and also causing double vision. The latter is a concern for her as it adds to the frustration of even eating a meal.  The doctor did say the eye should in time correct itself and an eye patch would hasten the process. But Marilyn just cant tolerate one. Again your intercession for us before His Throne of Grace is much appreciated. Please Pray for Marilyn and Chuck as they struggle with this trouble and bless them in this time of need. 


2 May 2014

The facility physician at Prestige has ordered a brain cat scan for Marilyn today. Her right eye suddenly pulled in and away from center and that may point to a stroke condition or brain tumor. The prayers of our ARMS family will be much appreciated.

Please send continued prayers for Marilyn and Chuck and all the family. Please Lord look after your two faithful servants as your will be done. 

15 April 2014

K0UXC, Delmar, needs our thoughts and prayers for a Sinus surgery he had 19 days ago for a fast and full recovery with some good reports. Dear Lord look after our fellow believer, our brother in Christ.


2 April 2014

From Jim NQ7L For sister in law

Please keep the Prayers to our Lord for Kris. She is through the surgery but they only were able to remove 35% of the tumor and she is having walking problems and such in recovery. Please Lord look after Kris and family and give her a good report on the biopsy and help her with the walking problems as your will be done.


4 April 2014

Please send a prayer for Rich WB0AKV as there was an auto accident with him or family and the Lords help is needed for all family and people affected by the accident. Please Lord look after your faithful servants and shield them in your loving hands. 


2 April 2014

From Jim NQ7L For sister in law

Please send up some prayers for Kris, Jims Sister in law, as she has a brain tumor and has been rushed to Rochester medical for treatment. May God be with her and family and guide the surgeons and specialists during this troubling time. 

30 March 2014

Chuck winters writes:

We have a long-time member of the NW ARMS Section Pat K7YIR who has struggled with kidney failure and the resultant dialysis for years. I heard from him today and he surely needs our prayers.
Pat wrote: Thanks for the update Chuck. I almost got on the net last Thursday. Sorry to report the UW (University of Washington Medical Center)  as of 3-7-14 has elected not to do a (kidney) transplant after almost 6 years of waiting. Discouraging for sure. Working on getting a second opinion at Swedish hospital. Thanks for your prayers

Lord bless


Please keep pat and family in your prayer requests as his struggles continue.


26 March 2014

Please keep the brother of Shirley Brunk, Keith in our prayers as his wife passed away yesterday. May God truly bless him, Shirley, and all the family in this time of trouble and ease the stress they endure during this cycle of life in our Lord and Savior.


18 March 2014

Please send up some prayers for Harold KI5KF for some upper respiratory problems he is struggling with at this time. May our Lord relieve his stress and and ease the breathing problems.


15 March 2014

The Midwest Section of the Amateur Radio Missionary Service is requesting prayer for Fran Bartz AACE. Fran is going into the hospital for surgery. Details are not known at this time. We ask the Father to be with Fran and the doctors in his time of need in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.
Tom Hauskins AALF
Midwest Section Director


10 March 2014

AL7GQ is requesting prayers for Brent W5JRX on the loss of his wife Debbie this last weekend. May the Lord comfort him in this time of need.


8 March 2014

Gerry Brunk of the ARMS net is requesting prayer for his oldest son, Darrell whos in the hospital and suffering with an inflamed pancreas and gall bladder.  As of this morning Darrell was still in the emergency room.

Please join with me in prayer for Darrell Brunk.

My thanks to you all,


26 February 2014

My name is Glenn Kessler. I am a new ham.  Just passed my technician level examination a few days ago.  I am waiting now for my call sign to show up in the FCC ULS.I am in a very difficult legal situation,  and also financial. It's the kind of thing that feels like my life is falling apart. I really need a miracle. I am a software engineer by profession,  and have not worked in 5 months. That and the legal stuff is where I need the miracle. Better yet He knows where I need it. Thanks for what you are doing.  I'd love to be a part of it. I'm in Lake Forest,  CA. That's a little town in South Orange County,  CA. 

Thanks so much.

Please send up some prayers for Glenn in this time of need.


26 February 2014

Heres an update on Marilyn. The facility physician says that she is stable, which is good. Her face still lights up when she sees me and her smile is a joy to behold. The kidney failure induced edema is a continuing concern. Her lower legs and feet are swollen to the point of it being painful for her to walk. But she can do so with assistance.

I have been blessed and challenged by II Corinthians 4:16-18. We surely need to have the Lords perspective when it comes to things temporal and eternal. His grace
"is sufficient.

   73/99 Chuck/N7AAG

Please keep Chuck and Marilyn in your prayers.


24 February 2014

Dave, K4EET of the Hams For Christ net, is experiencing blackouts, and will be going to the hospital. Please join with me in prayer for Dave.

My thanks to you all, Jay

10 February 2014

William Adams, WD8OSI is requesting prayer for Summer Paopps, a young girl in his church, who is in Rainbows Childrens hospital with a massive lung infection which is spreading. Please join with me in prayer for Summer Paopps.

My thanks to you all, Jay

7 February 2014

We are requesting prayer for Terry, K9DBV of the Hams For Christ net, and for family members and relatives of Terrys Mother Evelyn, who passed away today, and is now home with the Lord.

My thanks to you all,


6 February 2014

Jim, N5FKW of the Hams For Christ net is suffering with some very serious heart problems and is in need of our prayers. Please join with me in prayer for Jim.

My thanks to you all


27 January 2014

Please send up prayers requested By Jay for Brett N6VIA for quick mend on his shoulder and for Brian K0OLD's daughter and Grandson for a safe recovery from the flu and a safe birth and May God bless all there requests.

Brett, N6VIA of the ARMS net injured his shoulder and is requesting prayer for a speedy recovery.

Brian, K0OLD of our local 2m Christian net is requesting prayer for his daughter Sarah, and grandson Wyatt.  Sarah is about to give birth, and both her and Wyatt have been horribly sick with the flu.

Please join with me in prayer for Brett, Sarah, and for Wyatt.

My thanks to you all,


24 January 2014

Amen Amen Amen!!! Praise the Lord

Terry Thompson reports that Dawns doctor told her that the abdominal mass was "junk cells due to her pre-menopausal state, and therefore, nothing to worry about.

My thanks to you all, Jay


22 January 2014

Have prayer request from Terry Thompson for his daughter-in-law Dawn. Please keep Dawn in your prayers as well as Terry. Shield them both dear Lord!

Terry Thompson of the Hams For Christ net, is requesting prayer for his daughter-in-law, Dawn, who has a large mass in her tummy, and will be undergoing tests to find out what it is.


17 January 2014

Update from Chuck N7AAG on Marilyn and some improvement is noticed and he was able to take her out for lunch. Praise God and keep the prayers going.


Hello Lew,

I wanted to pass along a blessing. Yesterday I was able to take Marilyn out for lunch. This was her first time outside of the nursing facility since December 18th and she got along just fine.  We drove the 7 miles to Sunnyside and a little restaurant where we have enjoyed meals for a number of years.  Her walker-walking did the job in and out. She still loves to pray and tell others of God's love. One of our encouraging verses is Proverbs 18:10: "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it and is safe." 

Chuck / N7AAG

29 December 2013

Update from Chuck N7AAG Please continue the prayers for dear Marilyn, Chuck and family!

Hello Lew, 

   I wanted to send a brief update on Marilyn and also take the opportunity to wish you and yours a most Blessed and Happy New Year. Perhaps 2014 will indeed be "the year of our Lord."

    I stayed 'til lunch time yesterday with Marilyn and that made a good departure point for us. Leaving is the toughest part of my visits.  She is receiving physical therapy with a special emphasis on walker-walking.  The edema and weight gain are continuing matters for prayer. Hopefully she will be able to settle into her new surroundings at Prestige Care in Grandview.  I've made an appointment with our family doctor to get his recommendation on my on-again-off-again sleeping at night. I'm sure it's just part of getting used to a radical change in routines. 

    So we say again, "Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised." 

      73/99  Chuck


21 December 2013

Please send up your prayers for Larry Hodge W2PT from the Eastern net as he is in the Hospital with Bronchitis and congenital heart failure. May our Lord look to his needs and hold him in his arms during this time of trouble. 


19 December 2013

This is for Ted, AA7HX. He is having rotator cuff surgery on Jan. 7th and requests our prayers. All the Lords blessings to you Ted and may the surgery be easy and over before you know it happened and may our Lord bless and keep you.

13 December 2013

Update from Chuck N7AAG, Please keep him in our prayers.


Good morning Lew,

Because the Lord is faithful and we can trust His leading, the decision has been made not to try and care for Marilyn here at home. I have had to recognize my limitations and realize that doing so would put both of us at risk.  So as soon as a bed is available Marilyn will be transferred to the Grandview Healthcare facility in near-by Grandview. This was without doubt the hardest decision I have ever had to make. But in and through it all God has proven Himself to be the God of love and mercy and grace.  We are grateful to the ARMS Fellowship for their prayer support over these months and the path on which our journey has taken us. Keep us in your prayers.


In like precious faith

Chuck / N7AAG


12 December 2013

Marilyn Update, keep the prayers going for her and family.

Her ability to walk is diminishing and the Blood pressure is not good and Chuck and family are needing to make some decisions about her care. May God temper their decisions with his love and guide them as they travel through these troubling times. 


27 November 2013

Update from Chuck N7AAG on his beloved Marilyn

We had word yesterday that Marilyn has been accepted into the Hospice program in our Valley.  She will spend at least another week in rehab with an emphasis on helping her walk better with the walker, plus treating her very swollen lower legs and feet.  The fluid pressure has erupted with one large blister on one foot. At the end of the week we will see how the Lord leads, either home care with hospice or at a nearby nursing facility. She remains in good spirits. Yesterday the speech therapist gave her a printed sheet to fill out with questions such as,  what are you thankful for, what is your favorite Thanksgiving Day food, what recipes do you like, and so on. To every question Marilyn's answer keyed in on some aspect of God's love and care for her and family.

73/99   Chuck

May God bless her and family in this time. Keep sending prayers to the Lord.

27 November 2013

AD4GQ/XE2 is requesting continued prayers for his friend Grant Roger with the struggles he is going through with his Diabetes and also for VA7GF, Wayne, as he continues with the transmitter work he is doing. God bless all the prayers and needs of these people.


23 November 2013

Please send up prayers for Wayne VA7GF on his work with a new transmitter for his missionary work and may God truly bless this work. 


23 November 2013

Please say some prayers for my wife, Mickey as she is having some struggles with her diabetes and breathing along with her blood pressure regulation. Thanks be to God for his love for us and all his care. N0CXY/Lew


14 November 2013

Update from Chuck Winters: (Marilyn has had hospitalizations in two different hospitals treating infections over ten days. Now in Rehab in Toppenish. I saw her yesterday and she was able to walk with a walker. Doctors in hopes once the infection is out of her system she will be back at least close to the baseline where she was at home - talking, eating, walking, sleeping well with a fairly normal routine. We've laid that out before the Great Physician. "Is anything too hard for the Lord...?"): Please keep Marilyn, Chuck, and family in your prayers as you visit with the Lord!


14 November 2013

Please send out the prayers for Diane, a sister of Pat KC0YHV, who is undergoing Thyroid surgery and for Pat and her family during this time and always. May the Lord truly bless and keep her safe as is his will be done.


11 November 2013

Please remember Roland VE7PDX and his wife Roylene as she undergoes kidney surgery. May our Lord mend his wife and comfort them both as he holds them close to faith with his love.


1 November 2013

Please send up some prayers for Grant Roger, Friend of Roger AD4GQ, as he is struggling with Diabetes and having problems with feet, eyes etc. Please Lord look after Grant and keep him in your Loving care and give him the peace of your love.


22 October 2013

Please send more prayers out for Sylvia, Wife of James KD7ATL, as she is still having some serious health issues and James is kept busy taking care of her at home. Dear Lord please send some peace and relief for both Sylvia and James as they struggle through these times and be with them always keeping them safe and rested in your loving care. All Praise and Glory are yours Oh Lord!


19 October 2013

Please send up some prayers for Tony K1ATT and his family on the loss of his mother in Law and for the Lord to look after the health issues for two of his children. May God bless them and the whole family in these troubling times.  


14 October 2013

Update from Chuck N7AAG on Marilyn.

Our oldest son and I met with a Nurse Practitioner from our Lower Valley Hospice on Friday and Marilyn was admitted to the Hospice Home Care program.  I'm not sure what all this entails but the kidney failure, heart attack a week ago and Alzheimer's more than met their criteria for care.  A Social worker will meet with us this week.  The intent is to provide quality care and keep my Sweetheart comfortable.

Her Jesus-loving spirit shines through and her smile is still contagious.

"...hitherto hath the Lord helped us."

73/99   Chuck


Please pray for Chuck and his Loved ones as he suffers through these trying times and give the reassurance of our beloved Savior Jesus to him as he deals with all these troubles with the love of his life. May God bless and keep you and wrap you in his loving arms.


10 Oct 2013

Prayers and Congratulations

Please send Prayers out  for Denis' daughter as she in having surgery for an umbilical cord problem with the birth a child. Also a big congratulations to Her and family and the new Grandpa Denis on the birth of:


7:33 pm 9 Oct 13

8 lb 15 oz   21 3/4 inches tall

May the Good Lord bless a good outcome on the operation and keep all in his grace as they grow in his faith in the shelter of his loving arms.


1 October 2013

Update from Chuck N7AAG on Marilyn

   After some many weeks of up and down weight gain/loss Marilyn saw the kidney specialist last week in Yakima. He has been adjusting her medications and that includes stopping two of the blood pressure meds and reducing dosage on two others.  That all has had a positive affect on her fluid retention and GFR number. The latter shows up in her periodic blood draws and indicates the level of kidney function. The specialist gave us good news: he told Marilyn she doesn't have to come back for six months. Now, Lew, we have been praying over all of this and yet I confess I was surprised when the Great Physician stepped in and did His work of staying dialysis. True, He used a Christian doctor but our God is sovereign and always does that which is right.  

   We are grateful to Him and He alone surely receives the honor and glory.  She isn't healed by any means, but the very fact that she was told her condition is "stable" is good news.  It means we continue watching her weight, watching her meds, monitoring what she does and doesn't eat, staying clear of sodium - all helping towards the same goal: stay the dialysis. Thank you Jesus.

73/99  Chuck

Praise God for this news and keep the prayers going to the Lord for Marilyn and chuck and if it be the Lords will that there is improvement for her physical needs along with the strength for the spiritual needs. 


30 September 2013

Prayer request from Jay

Lets send up prayers for Claude, N9BKA, and family on the sudden death loss of his granddaughter Naomi. Please Lord relieve some of the pain and loss for this family as we know you needed this child home with you and help us to understand and accept this for we know you have the plans that are right for us. In Jesus name we ask!


29 September 2013

Prayer request from Jay

Rich, WA0AKV is out of work and looking for employment. Please join Jay in prayer that God will supply Rich with suitable employment. Please Lord as Rich and all of us go through these times of trouble remind us of your love for us and supply us the needs you see us wanting with all glory to you as we ask in your name to help Rich and see him through these hard times.


13 September 2013

Update from Chuck N7AAG on his beloved Marilyn!

She saw the kidney specialist yesterday in Yakima. After going through test results, blood work and an examination the specialist said he would like to try and reduce the fluid retention she struggles with by adjusting her prescription meds.  Several had already been stopped or the dosage reduced. So he stopped another one and she will have a blood draw in a week and see him again.  All of this to try and stave off dialysis.  It means a great deal to us to know ARMS friends pray for her and for us. Please send a special request to God. Lord help Marilyn with the pain she is having and the struggles her and Chuck are going through, we ask this in the name of our beloved savior your son Jesus who died for all of us sinners. 


12 September 2013

Please join together with Nancy and I in prayer for David Parman:  First of all, that he will get born again, and then be healed, in Jesus name. He has too many serious health issues to even mention, but as of right now he is undergoing the first of 35 radiation treatments. Please Lord send your Holy Spirit to earth for David to be healed in both these illness issues and remove the pain of the physical illness and the struggles of the spiritual loss he is going through. Amen


11 September 2013

Prayer request from the sister of Don N9DON

Don was hurt on the job at an Iron castings foundry in a horrible accident with one of the "hot boxes" several years ago. He is mostly confined to a mobile wheelchair though there are a few rare moments when the pain is not as severe and he is able to walk without use of the chair. He has faithfully taken care of his family. He meets the needs of other HAM operators and helps them out with getting equipment and anything that they need. Donald takes care of others and places them before himself. A true sacrifice. Now, it is time for others to help him and thus my plea for help. Please everyone carry some words of love and help to our Lord and Savior for the help of Don and his family in this time of trouble and need. May God truly bless and still his pain some so he will be able to walk in your will with ease. Amen


26 August 2013

Prayer Update from Terry K9DBV

Mom is in her third week in the nursing home for rehab. She is making slow, but positive physical progress. Mentally she has made tremendous improvement. She has accepted her need to be there and has a positive outlook on being able to return home in the future. Her improved disposition has been a blessing to staff and visitors alike.  She is in a Catholic nursing home. I asked her today in they offered Protestant services and she said no way. I told her I'd threaten the head nun with 95 thesis on her front door and that got a good laugh from her. Thank all for their prayers. Terry  Keep the prayers going for him and her and family. 


Prayer Update from Jay

Shannon Price's knee surgery went exceptionally well on Friday, the 23rd,  with his already being able to walk.  The surgeon was very well pleased with how it all turned out. Thanks to all Jay. This is great news and Praise the Lord.


23 August 2013

Just received this from Roger Bowman through Ken AL7AX.

Please pray for David Fourt. The Drs believe he has terminal brain cancer. He is young and this is very difficult for this Christian family. Our prayers are appreciated. His sister is a missionary in Eastern Europe. Send up many prayers for David and family as this is a very difficult thing for him and family. Also include Roger Bowman who is in Mexico and his radio is back in the states for repairs and it has been a long time here and this leaves him very isolated. May God truly bless them all with his grace and mercy. 


17 August 2013

I have several prayer requests from Chuck K8CPA as he is trying to quit smoking and would like you to pray for him in this matter that he may kick this habit. He also asks for some prayer support for a driving job he is trying to get as he really needs it and also to get his HF antenna up and going again. Dear Lord we pray that the Spirit will move in the life of Chuck and his family for your gain and to your will and look after the needs of him and his family. 


13 August 2013

Prayer has been requested for Arnold, KJ5UY of the Hams for Christ net who has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. Dear God please send relief to Arnold and look to a speedy recovery for him through the Holy Spirit. Please send prayers for him and his family during this time of trouble. God Bless


9 August 2013

Please Keep Chuck Winter N7AAG and his Dear Sweetheart in your prayers during this troubling time in their lives. Marilyn was hospitalized again this past Wednesday and is in ICU. The initial diagnosis was dehydration and fluid retention, but they have also discovered heart damage. She is being closely monitored and the doctor has recommended that the family look into assisted care with a facility that has dementia care. The dementia continues to rob her of self and the memories of family. Please God ease their pain and send them the Holy Spirit to lead them in your will for Marilyn and their needs. 


6 August 2013

Please send up prayers for the youth and their parents here in my church as it seems more important to them to be in a me personal worldview than a Jesus Christian worldview. We pray dear Lord that you revive the Holy Spirit in them as you would have them be, In Jesus name we ask this Amen. 


6 August 2013

Please send up prayers for K5VSP Boyce as he is having some health problems with a swollen foot. Please Lord hurry the healing process as is your will and keep him and Thelma in your loving grace now and forever. 


5 August 2013

Harold, KI5KF of the ARMS net is requesting prayer for his wife Carolyn who is having surgery on her foot Tuesday morning. Not sure what the surgery is but please send up prayers for Carolyn for tomorrow even though we know the Lord is already aware and with her in this time of need and please God look after Harold in this time of need as she goes through this surgery and both of them and there family always. 


25 July 2013

Continued prayers for Shannon Price as he recovers and pray for no surgery on his knee. God bless and watch over him as he improves with the Lords grace and blessings. 


24 July 2013

Please send up some prayers for Nathan Bradberry the Grandson of George N2JJE for a speedy recover from the surgery on his brain and the seizures. May God be with him and his family for this trying time and always.


19 July 2013

We have the following prayer requests from Jay KC0ORJ so send out your prayers to the Lord for his blessings and care of these people and their families.

Young Shannon Price, one of my niece's husband, who's a mechanic at a Ford dealership, just yesterday suffered a pulled ligament in his leg while at work.

Terry, K9DBV of the Hams for Christ net is requesting our prayers for his mother Evelyn who is back in the hospital again.  

Those of us members of the Hams for Christ net are requesting continued prayer for Nadine, the wife of Wayne KI0SM.  

Please join with me in prayer for Shannon, for Evelyn, and continued prayer for Nadine.  


8 July 2013

Please remember Marilyn wife of Chuck N7AAG in our prayers as she is having a hard time right now and Chuck writes Marilyn fell last evening and I had to have a lift assist from Sunnyside firemen.  She has stopped taking her morning walk and her gait is becoming a shuffle. She has no appetite and is losing weight.  Her confusion has increased to the point of not being able to follow simple directions. We'll see the doctor later today. Pray for her and for Chuck in this time of stress and trouble and ask the Lord to take care of their needs as they see the doctor later on. May the good Lord Bless them and keep them in his grace.


13 June 2013

Send out your prayers for all the people in the Colorado fires and the loss of homes and pray God will see them through this time and renew their spirit with his love through the Holy Spirit. May God be with them all. 


12 June 2013

Terry reports that his mom came through surgery fine and is home already and doing good so far. Praise God and he thanks all for the prayers that made this possible. God Bless


11 June 2013

Please say a prayer for my Granddaughter Melodie as she was in an accident today with her car and she was hit by a semi. From the pictures it is very plain the Good Lord was riding with her and held her in his hand as the car was destroyed but the drivers area was not touched. She is sore and achy but nothing broken or internally injured it seems and is at home but very sore. Praise God her one year old baby was not with her. Pray for God to continue to watch after her as the recovery process happens for her and for the rest of her life. Give thanks and Praise to God for this miracle!! 


11 June 2013

Terry Thompson, K9DBV of the Ham's For Christ net is requesting prayer for his 93 year old mother Evelyn, who will be undergoing vertebra surgery tomorrow morning. Please all join in this prayer for Evelyn for the Lord to take care of her needs as she goes through this surgery tomorrow morning and to give her a timely and pain free recovery. May the Lord Bless and keep her.


10 June 2013

Please send up some prayers for My youth group at church and me as I have been working to get one going for about 6 months now with very little success. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts and lead them back to the fellowship of his blessings and forgiving of our sins. It seems after confirmation they feel they have completed all they need so please all the prayers you can muster would be helpful and please Lord move them back to your side and help me do this for the right reasons and to your glory through Jesus Christ Amen.


6 June 2013

Please say a prayer for KE4QYQ, Swan, as he is in heart surgery as this is posted. We prayer for a success for the operation and rapid recovery and speedy return to us and the Lord. Look after him and family as he goes thru this life problem.


4 June 2013

Have received a prayer request from ARMS member Ron Erickson, K0IC, from Essex, IA. Please remember Ron in your prayers about a Cyst on his kidney. If it does not get better, he will have to have it removed.  It is not cancer, but it has to be monitored so it does not become cancer. Send prayers up for him and ask for the cyst to remain non cancer and he and family remain steadfast in the Love of our Lord and Savior through these trying times. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 


3 June 2013

Please join in a prayer request from Jim NQ7L for Norma Peterson who is suffering from cancer. May the Good Lord move in your life Norma and we pray he will rid you of that nasty disease and help you and your family get through this with many blessings. Into Gods hands we commend this for the action of the Holy Spirit. God Bless You.


3 June 2013


Bob is maybe getting to his ham shack once a day and he rarely turns on the gear anymore....he's still dealing with a gallbladder issue (tube) and is very weak and has lost a lot of weight.... we don't see him really doing much with the radio for a few more weeks...but you never know.  He would have a difficult time getting up in time for the net I know that for sure.  Bob "is" at home though and gets home care by nurse's etc...throughout the week.

Prayers are appreciated....

22 May 2013

W0OLE (Bob Johnson) in French River.

Home now, taking physical therapy.  Weak but doing pretty good. Hasn't been on air since return home on Monday. Praise God for this blessing and pray Bob is able to join us again soon. What an amazing Lord and Savior we have that works all things out for us. 


19 May 2013

Have received word that Bob Johnson W0OLE is better now but is in a Duluth hospital with some lung problems but are hoping he is home by Wednesday. God bless him and thanks for all the prayers, they are answered in the Lords time and way.


18 May 2013

Please pray for Beth Sykora. Beth is the xyl of our Midwest Section Director Keith Sykora, WA0JGT. A while back she fell and hit her head. She has been in and out of the hospital. Beth is making some improvement physically. She needs prayer for her physical healing and for strength. May God Bless both Beth and Keith and look after their spiritual and earthly needs during this and all times of trouble in their life.


18 May 2013

Please pray for Bob Johnson, W0OLE. Bob is in a nursing home in French River (Duluth, MN) We are told Bob is not doing well so please take care of this child of yours dear Lord, our friend here on earth, into your hands we place his care.


9 May 2013

Please keep Norman Harrill in your prayers as he in the hospital with some kidney problems it would seem and according to his daughter it is very serious. This request is from K1HV Jerry so we pray for the Lords grace for Norman and his family during these troubled times.


8 May 2013

Message from Jay KC0ORJ, Please join me in all the prayer requests sent in from Jerry K1HV of the ARMS net.

Hello Jay,

I have been told that you are the one to contact for prayer requests with The A.R.M.S. Net. Believing that 2 Chron. 7:13-14 is the key to Americas survival and that effective fervent continuous prayer is the prime means Christians have for victory in our lifetimes here, please allow me to join you in prayer, and submit requests from my sphere of influence. The Shalom of Christ Jesus be with you and upon you as you continue to pray in His Spirit.  

Pray for

1)Don Cronemeyer, AD4NT, of Greenville , SC , in continued healing and deliverance from his hospital stay with an infection in his leg; 

2) Gyl Hensley for salvation spiritually and physically as she is in ICU in Dickson , TN with C.O.P.D. and kidney failure;

3) Myersville Baptist Church in Myersville, MD for Spiritual renewal and awakening/revival as their new Pastor moves to their field in the next few weeks; 4) The State of Vermont, for Spiritual Awakening as NC Baptists are doing mission work on their field this summer;

5) Joe Tullock, a brother in Christ who has just been diagnosed in Asheville , NC with prostrate cancer at the age of 53;

6) Jim Linchy, W4JCL who is in hospital again in Zephyr Hills FL ;

7) Randy Wooten in AR. who surrendered to ministry, but has turned since falling on hard times lately;

8) Doris, WB4TXR who has bad prognoses from Doctors in TN and has been sent home to die;

9) David Early family who is to go to Uganda in a few weeks as missionaries;

10) George McCue Jr., N2LAH, for eyes to be healed;

11) Pastor Dave Vittum, W1DV, and his wife Jean as she is in midst of chemotherapy for very aggressive cancer;

12) 12 year old friend of George McCue Jr.s grandson who has brain surgery today.


4 May 2013

Please send some prayers for Ray WB5BRD who has been not well but was at home for a period but has had a relapse and is back in the nursing home for awhile at least. We pray for his well being and with the Lords blessing he will be able to return home and check in with us here on the net again.


2 May 2013

We have some prayer requests from Jerry K1HV for some peace for a former wife and also for W4JCL and K4BET in some troubled times and For Jim & Doris the same. The band was not good so did not get all the particulars but the good Lord knows who we are praying for and what they need so send the prayers for there needs and healing Grace.


25 April 2013

Please send out a prayer for Dave Beckler, N0SAP, a friend of Jay's. He went in for a CT scan on his leg as he was told he may need surgery. This same scan showed a cyst on his kidney and will be going back tomorrow for an ultra sound. The surgery on his leg will be the 7th or 9th of may. Jay thanks all for these prayers he is requesting. God Bless


25 April 2013

Update on Ron Selvey. He went back for a biopsy on the growth in his eye and it was completely gone. Praise God for the amazing healing miracle. Many thanks for all the prayers are passed on from Jay. Praise God.


9 April 2013

Ron Selvey, a friend of Jay and Nancy Allenbrand KC0ORJ is suspected of having a cancer in one of his eyes so lets join Jay in some prayers for Ron and his family. Lord in your time and by your will please look after Ron and ease his pain during his vision problem with this cancer and through the Holy Spirit please keep his sight always on the cross of our savior's resurrection as this is our only true sight.


05 April 2013

We have a prayer request for, Jon Kossow the husband of the niece of Jay Allenbrand KC0ORJ, who is having some very serious heart problems and Jay would like both Jon and his wife at this low point in there life to seek the Lord's help as that is the only saving Grace we have. Dear God into your hands we place these two lost soul's who need the help of the Holy Spirit to move in their lives and ease the pain of the heart problems and especially to move the Holy spirit to enter them both and bring them back to your saving grace so they remember their birth, death, and resurrection unto you. Into your hands Dear Lord for your will be done.


04 April 2013

Please pray for Randy Wooten for spiritual growth and maturity to have a closer connection with our Lord and Savior.


04 April 2013

Joe Tullock asks for our prayers as he has just discovered he has prostate cancer and wants our prayers on how to deal with it. Please pray for him and family during this trying time.


04 April 2013

Please pray for the church of Jerry K1HV for the Vermont Mission trip they are going on in June. We pray the lord will bless this trip to his will and needs.


04 April 2013

Please pray for Ray Rising K4LWJ for the electric parts he needs for the great work he does on the radio station in Peru so that he may receive those needed that will enable him to keep the station on the air for those missionary services.


03 April 2013

I would ask prayers for myself and for the Elders at my church for us to find our way through some difficulties I feel we are having with getting things done. We have talked about some things we need to do for over a year now but are still sitting and talking rather than getting up and doing and I became vocal about it all last night at our meeting. Please pray for me and our group to go whatever direction  the Lord would lead us for his will to be done.


31 March 2013

Please send prayers up for Sharon Jenson KA7DAC for the loss of her husband Don Jensen KC7WV and for their families during this troubled and stressful time. Don had a Brain aneurysm I am told and passed on Saturday March 30th 2013 and is now with God his Father in heaven. 73/99 my friend. God Bless.


28 March 2013

Prayers requested for John Lewis WA4PRH as he goes through the process of buying a home for some guidance there and also for his mother Helen as she struggles with congestive heart failure. May the Lord look after John his mother and family as the Lord works his will in their lives.

28 March 2013

Prayers for Elizabeth, daughter of Harold and Carolyn Jones KI5KF, as she goes for surgery on her arm today to have some ligaments reattached and for Harold, Carolyn and family as this placed in the Lords hands for a successful surgery and a rapid recovery.


26 March 2013

On 25 March WD4ACH, Denis Parker Suffered another Heart attack. Please keep him, Andra, and family in your prayers.


Denis is home and was not a heart attack. Had a heart Cath yesterday 26 Mar and one of the stints was 99% blocked due to scar tissue, cleaned it up and all is flowing again. It is an answer to prayers. Thanks from Denis.


If you have a prayer request please contact the webmaster Lew / N0CXY for it to be posted.