Psalm 91:1

1He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:4

4He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your

 shield and rampart.


Prayer Requests


15 November 2017

Please send prayers for the hands of the surgeons to be guided with the Lords care and grace and hold Sharon and family in his hands for this.

Prayer request from Chuck N7AAG
Sharon Shortess , KA7DAC, will be having open heart surgery on Nov 22nd in Seattle. Several bypasses and replace the aortic valve.
Chuck/ N7AAG


29 September 2017

Good report on Beth's surgery. 73/99, Frank

Bethís open heart surgery went very well today. She arrived in ICU about 11:30 AM When awoke in ICU about 1:00 PM she was doing excellent. After breathing on her own for about 20 minutes they removed the breathing tube. By 5 PM she had sat on the edge of the bed, stood, and sat down in a recliner. When I left about 6 PM she was waiting for some liquid nourishment. Thanks for your prayers. She continues to need God hand in a quick recovery with no infection. A real concern with her suppressed immune system. Keith


25 September 2017

Keith, WA0JGT is requesting prayer for his wife Beth, who will undergo open heart surgery tomorrow morning September the 26th. Sent to me by Frank, AG0M. Please join together with me in prayer for Beth as she undergoes open heart surgery. My thanks to you all. Jay


14 September 2017

From Denis WD4ACH

Joe VY2KC asked us to pray for him. His health is not good and he had to sell his boat and all of his lobster fishing equipment, not able to do it anymore. Looking for a new line of work that he is able to do. Please pray.

7 September 2017

Steve, W0UZR a long time member and a one-time net control on the Hamís For Christ net is requesting our prayers due to some health issues that heís suffering with. Please join with me in prayer for Steve. My thanks to you all, Jay

24 August 2017

Prayer updates

Jim short experienced an amazing recovery from the stroke. Erinís knee surgery was a complete success, turning out far better than was expected. Both families wish to express their thanks to you all for your prayers. Jay

23 August 2017

Dennis Parker of the ARMS net has recently been diagnosed of having two leaky heart valves, and is requesting our prayers. He will be going in on Thursday for further tests to determine if treatment is needed. Please join together with me in prayer for Dennis. My thanks to you all, Jay

22 August 2017

I was just given a prayer for a few minutes ago for Jim Short, who just an hour or so ago suffered a very serious stroke, and was immediately taken to the Mercy hospital. Please join with me in prayer for Jim Short. My thanks to you all, Jay

19 August 2017

This is from Keith, WAōJGT in Waseca, Minnesota.  Keith has been an ARMS member for years.  His wife, Beth, has had a series of other medical problem to which Keith alludes: Mayo Clinic discovered that Beth has a myxoma growing in the left atrium of her heart. Tuesday of this week we have the pre-operation tests and consultation. Thursday this week Beth will undergo open heart surgery to have the myxoma removed. Please remember her in prayer for the surgery and the recovery. Beth is very concerned about the recovery because she is on immune suppressants for her other problems. They had to wait for the surgery until the prednisone dose was below 10mg per day. She is also taking 2 other drugs to suppress her immune system. This will put her at a higher risk for infection during recovery.

Thanks for your prayers and concern.  Roger - WōZMU

24 July 2017

The following is a prayer request from Brandon, VA3BLL of the ARMS net for his cousinís granddaughter Hannah who suffered a bad fall. Sent to me by Frank, AG0M of the ARMS net. Please join with me in prayer for Hannah. My thanks to you all. Jay

20 July 2017

Special prayer request for a 21 year old girl named Rachel, who has been sick for three years, and is slowly dying. None of the doctors, including all of the specialists at the Mayo have been able to find out whatís causing this. She is now down to only 89 lbs. 

We have another prayer request for a young man that goes by the name ďStevie.Ē  A recent scan has turned up numerous tumors both in his stomach and in his esophagus. Nothing else is known at the present time. 

Please join with me in prayer for Rachel and for Stevie. My thanks to you all, Jay 

18 July 2017

The following is a special prayer request from Richard, WN9DDV of the Hamís for Christ net who is requesting our prayers for his wife Trisha who has been diagnosed with cancer. The particulars of this cancer are not known yet, but once I now I will send you an update. Please join with me in prayer for Trisha. My thanks to you all, Jay


15 June 2017

Prayer request by VY2JC, Joe in Prince Edward Island, for himself. He has a very sore back that is keeping him from his lobster fishing. The muscle relaxers are not helping much and he is having a hard time even walking, let alone working in the boat lifting the lobster cages out of the water. Thank you for lifting Joe up in prayer today. Frank, AG0M Please Join with me in prayer for Joe.


17 May 2017

Guys, please pray for Herb, he was involved in a car accident on Friday. He has 6 broken ribs and 3 fractures in his spine. PTL, no paralysis.  Might get to come home in a day or 2. Tnx, Denis WD4ACH


12 May 2017

I was just given a prayer request for Steve Butler whoís in the hospital and is suffering with congestive heart failure. Please join with me in prayer for Steve Butler. Naturally, I canít be sure, but suspect heís lost and is in desperate need of the Lord. My thanks to you all Jay


7 May 2017

Greetings from Bolivar,

Youíve probably already heard about Daveís latest fall and the results of it, but just in case, here Is Sharonís prayer request. 


Hi All,

I have a prayer request and some information to send you. David and I were on our way to my home in AZ.  We were half way there, when David passed out again without warning and fell.  He had a slight concussion from hitting his head, a couple of scratches, and his right thigh was extremely painful.  We decided to return to Port Angeles. The ER doctor again ran the usual tests plus a CT scan of his head and did x-rays.  No broken bones.  All the other tests were normal.  He has a tear in the groin muscle, which makes walking extremely painful.  It will heal itself, but will take several weeks. Tylenol and heat are the only treatment.  Still no reason found as to why he passed out.  He sees his primary care doc on Monday. Unfortunately, we feel it is best to cancel our reservation to the ARMS convention in July.  We were so looking forward to being there.  I have sent Roger an e-mail requesting that he cancel our reservation. Please keep David in your prayers for healing of the torn groin muscle and that the doctor will have wisdom to know what other tests to do to find out why he's passing out.

We hope to be back on the net next week.

Thank you. 73 &99s

Sharon KA7DAC, and for David W7PTL

29 April 2017

I have a prayer request for my wife Nancyís very good fiend Barb, who is suffering with some serious back trouble, and is requesting our prayers. Please join with me in prayer for Barb. My thanks to you all, Jay


15 April 2017

We received a prayer this morning for Alia Thiessen, age 47, who is suffering with stage 3 breast cancer. Please join with me in prayer for Alia. My thanks to you all, Jay

2 March 2017

Please keep praying for Andra, wife of WD4ACH as she is not doing well and needs to see a specialist. Please Lord look after our sister and keep in your healing hands.


25 February 2017

I just received an update on 6 year old Kale Stephens. He was much improved yesterday, but as of this morning he has fully recovered and is now back home again. My thanks to you all, Jay


23 February 2017

Terry, K9DDV of the Hamís For Christ net is requesting prayer again for his friend George whoís back in the hospital, only this time, suffering with low blood pressure. George's wife Jean is also in the hospital and us suffering with the flu. Please join with me in prayer for George and for Jean. My thanks to you all, Jay 


23 February 2017

Prayer request for 6 year old Kale Stephens whoís suffering with a life threatening intestinal problem. As of yet, the doctors still donít know whatís causing it. Please join with me in prayer for Kale Stephens. My thanks to you all, Jay


2 February 2017

Please all send up some prayers for Andra KD4CLF, wife of Denis WD4ACH, as she is having some upper respiratory problems today. As we call on you dear God in our time of need please hold Andra in the palm of your hand and help her in this time of need. 


31 January 2017

Please send up your prayers for WW8A Wayne W. West and he goes in for eye surgery Friday. Ask our Lord to hold him gently in his arms and return him to us with a good report, as His will be done.


5 January 2017

I have two prayer requests today: First for my wife, Mickey Orcutt, of 54 years and my best friend as she still struggles much with depression because of her health issues. Second for an Alaska VBS mission trip I will be going on if her health is good enough for me to go. We will be going the end of June and would like prayers for our fundraisers for the trip and for the people in Akiak (ACK ee ack) Alaska and for the Lord to guide our team there in the following:

22 June fly to Anchorage
23 Fly to Akiak 
24 Get supplies and invite locals to church
25 Church and family night
26-29 VBS, Sports camp, work/serve, family nights, fix up school etc.
29 Fly to Anchorage and debrief
30 Free day for team time etc.
1 July fly home.

Thanks Lew Orcutt NōCXY