Alaska VHF-Up Group Contest Page

Conducted by Paul Kiesel, K7CW / VE7IB, Trustee at KL7FF
Contest Chairman of the Alaska VHF-Up Group


Welcome to the Alaska VHF-Up Group Contest Page. We've created this page to serve functions of VHF contesting resource lookup and as announcement place for upcoming contest events. Resources are listed on the left side of the page. Please note that we encourage that contest logs be submitted using the cabrillo format, though many contests still allow submission of paper logs. Many logging and contest softwares provide a means for creating a cabrillo file. For those desiring a method of constructing a stand-alone cabrillo file, a source of applets for that purpose can be found by clicking on "Cabrillo Applets" in the left margin. If you need help creating a cabrillo file or have any contest-related question, please don't hesitate to ask me. Since many of our club's members reside in states other than Alaska, their contest scores cannot be contributed towards the AVG score in ARRL club competions unless those stations are operated while visiting Alaska during the contest.

Three members submitted logs for the January VHF Contest. This is evidence that antennas work even if there is snow on the elements. HI. The announcement for the June VHF Contest can be found below. In 2015, there were four member entries in the contest. You are encouraged to submit your log, even if you make one contact during the contest.

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The 2016 ARRL June VHF Contest

Begins 1800 UTC Saturday, ends 0259 UTC Monday (June 11-13, 2016). Exchange grid squares. You can view the contest rules by clicking on the blue contest announcement line above.

Don't forget to include the line "CLUB: Alaska VHF-Up Group" in your cabrillo file.

Entries must be emailed or postmarked no later than 0300 UTC Wednesday, July 13, 2016.