DXPeditions and Trips

I really love traveling and would love to be able to travel to all parts of the country operating radio but I'm like most folks, I need to work to sustain life for me and my family (let alone support the hobbies we all have). I have been very fortunate to join with a few other hams in sharing the expense of traveling on a few minor trips. In joining the Caribbean Contest Consortium, I have access to the PJ2T club station just about any time I want. Although I would love to spend many months consecutively down at one of the premiere stations in the world, I don't have the resources to accomplish that just yet. I have also enjoyed a trip (and planning a second) to North Dakota for a "DXPed" of sorts. Having successfully competed in several contests, and having met many top notch contesters and DXers, I'm sure I will have the opportunity to travel further and look forward to the chance to do so. If you are planning a DXped and you're looking for operators, I'm always looking. Here you'll find some information on our successful trips so far.


AE9B DXPeditions and Trips
  • PJ2T 2001 (WAE SSB Contest)
  • North Dakota 2003 (ARRL RTTY Roundup)
  • PJ2T 2003 (ARRL DX SSB)



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PJ2 TRIP 2001

North Dakota Trip 2003

PJ2 TRIP 2003


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