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Revised October 26, 2001

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Ham Radio Examinations

To take an examination for a new license, or to upgrade an existing one, you should contact your volunteer examiners ahead of time and reserve your spot. In fact, most examiners require advance reservations.

If you already have the proper NCVEC Form 605, not FCC Form 605, make sure it has all of the required information. If you are upgrading, you must bring along the original license document plus a photocopy. The copy is for processing, but the examiners must see the original too. If you have any certificates of successful completion of required elements, bring the originals plus copies of each. You should also have at least two forms of ID, preferably picture ID's, and have photocopies of those as well. (These requirements may vary from one VE to another. When in doubt, bring the originals plus two copies of everything.)

Bring along at least one black pen and one sharpened pencil. Better yet, bring spares. The examiners might provide them for you during the test, but play it safe.

Inquire about the specifics above when you make your reservation. They may vary from one exam group to another. However, the following warnings will be in effect no matter who you go to.

Do not bring any type of cheat sheets, hint cards, crib notes, or other aids. Don't even think of sneaking in one of those little MFJ Morse Code Readers to help you on the code test. (MFJ got into trouble when they joked in their ads about that possible use. You'll never get away with it, so don't even try. Besides, if you were willing to spend that kind of money on the MFJ gadget, you could have spent a lot less for Code Quick, which would allow you to pass the test legitimately, and easier than you think!)

If you bring a calculator, bring the simplest one you need. Most examiners take a dim view of sophisticated "pocket libraries" that might be used to keep stored formulae, notes, or answer lists. Even some kinds of slide-rules are not acceptable (yes, there are still some of us around that know how to use those things) because they often have "helpful" tables on the back. When in doubt, ask at the time you make your reservation.

In other words, don't try to cheat. You'll feel a whole lot better when you pass, knowing that you did it through your own honest hard effort.

Area Radio Club Classes and Exam Information

San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club. They run classes twice a year.

M.A.R.S. Radio. They've been known to have classes in the past.

Santa Clarita Amateur Radio Club.

Antelope Valley Amateur Radio Club.

Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club.

If you need information on exams in other areas, try this VEC list or search at ARRL for a local group.

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