Radio Merit Badge

Notes to help make this merit badge a little easier

By AA6J Bill Jeffrey
Assistant Scoutmaster and Merit Badge Counselor

8. Visit a radio installation.

Visit a radio installation approved in advance by your counselor (a ham radio station, broadcast station, or public service communications center, for example). Discuss what types of equipment you saw in use, how it was used, what types of licenses are required to operate and maintain the equipment, and the purpose of the station.

This final requirement for your merit badge you have probably already completed! In requirement 7 parts (2) and (3) you have to participate in some ham radio contacts. In this final requirement you just have to talk about what you saw. In requirement 7 part (5) you learned about the licenses needed (a ham license lets you not only talk on the radio but also repair it - if you know how!) and in requirement 7 part (1) you saw all the things that station can do.

I would strongly encourage you to continue learning about radio and study to pass your ham radio license test.

These notes are designed to help the Scout earn a merit badge that sometimes can seem a bit difficult. They are not intended to replace the Radio Merit Badge book.You will still need to meet with a merit badge counselor.


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Last update August 19, 2002