Radio Merit Badge

Notes to help make this merit badge a little easier

By AA6J Bill Jeffrey
Assistant Scoutmaster and Merit Badge Counselor

5. What about Safety precautions?

Learn the safety precautions for working with radio gear, particularly direct current and RF grounding.

Working on radios can be dangerous not only because they use electricity but also because radio frequencies themselves can cause burns if you touch an antenna when someone is transmitting. Some general safety rules follow but these are not a complete safety guide and are given only to assist in passing this merit badge requirement. PLEASE DON'T DO ANY WORK ON ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT YOURSELF until you have learned from someone more experienced. Also, remember it is illegal to work on radio transmitters without a license.

These notes are designed to help the Scout earn a merit badge that sometimes can seem a bit difficult. They are not intended to replace the Radio Merit Badge book.You will still need to meet with a merit badge counselor.

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