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My name is Daniel Reynolds. AA0NI (A-A-Zero-N-I) is my amateur radio callsign. I've been in amateur radio since 1985 when I first received my Novice license at the age of 12. Since that time, I have gradually upgraded to Amateur Extra.

Some of my favorite radio activites are

I have also taught several amateur radio classes to young people over the last few years, and would like to be able to teach many more (both young and old) through the Internet.

I was working on a series of lessons that will help other people get their amateur license here in the United States. If you find the lessons helpful... GREAT! I'm sorry that I'm not able to finish more at this time, but more important commitments prevent me from doing so.

Hopefully I'll be adding some more information to this page as time allows this summer [June 30, 2003]

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Daniel Reynolds - AA0NI - June 30, 2003