WO-PSK is a simple PSK31 programme using  the ActiveX control that Dave Cook WA0TTN developed around Moe Wheatley AE4JY PSK core DLL.
It was written to suit my personal tastes, so will most certainly not be to everybody's liking

Some of the features are:
            Quick to set up and get going.           
            Mouse entry of call sign, name, QTH, RST and locator.
            One click to change both the rig and PSK Log band entries
            Automatic previous QSO check against PSK Log
            Copy details from log look up to current QSO
            Automatic prefix look-up (also gives beam heading and direction)
            Automatic case correction on call, name and locator entries in the PSK Log
            Displays the full PSK Log and will sort the log on any column ie Date, Time, Call, QTH or even RST
            Easy back up of PSK Log and settings files
            PSK Log stored in .csv format, can be read or edited by a text editor or spread-sheet
            Call sign is not cleared at end of QSO, allowing for a "final final" without re-entering
            Rig control (IC 735 only at present)
            The programme starts up on the same band as you last used it on

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