These are links I often use, from these sites are links to plenty of others, and to all the information you need to enjoy PSK31

Amateur Radio Soundblaster collection  by Oliver Welp, DL9QJ.

The "official" PSK31 site

PSK31 and Other PC Magic by K1VY

G3VFP    Lots of interesting info, nice site to use

Moe Wheatly, author of WinPSK and the dll on which many PSK31 programmes are based

Digipan by KH6TY, Howard (Skip) Teller

WM2U    PSK31   Page

Zakanaka and Logger site

If you have any links that you may help others in their enjoyment of PSK31, please e-mail them to me for possible inclusion. Please do not suggest sites where money has to change hands for the use of software.