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Text Box: 1-     Progress is being made to link four of  MARC's  Aprs links to improve communications throughout the Midlands and Kwa_Zulu Natal The four APRS Digiís include; Greytown, Estcourt, Underberg and Worlds-View.
2-     As far I link the Greytown ZS0GYT and  ZS5GJK-2 at Fort Mistake @144.625Mhz @1200Baud for Packet and APRS link
3-     I do some work and seems the ZS5GJK Igate and ZS0EST at Escourt also work now (Also via RF Link @144.800Mhz..

News!  Packet DX on 144.625mhz! Connect to Harrismith via Greytown like this.....C ZS0HIL-7   then.......C ZS5GJK-2,ZS0GYT-2 ... Then C Call!! V ZS0PUR-2

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Midlands Amateur Radio Club     
Highway Amateur Radio Club  
Zululand Amateur Radio Club
Text Box: ZS6CEY APRS Home Page
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AGW Tracker and Sound Programs

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