6 Voice & CW Messages

 The super Combo Keyer is a dual-mode (Phone and CW) multi-purpose keyer designed for DXers, Contesters, DXpeditioners and the casual operator who wants to reduce the amount of wiring and black boxes on the operating desk. The unit incorporates a CMOS SuperKeyer III for CW keying, and retains the user interface of that keyer for CW use.

Several types of voice keyers are available on the market, some as standalone units and some as PC Cards with wonderful features for the home-based contester and DXer.With the Super Combo Keyer it was decided to have most of the functions controlled by a microcontroller inside the unit and 
to provide an uncomplicated versatile interface to a PC.

An analog voice storage chip from ISD forms the heart of the voice keyer with all the input and output functions controlled by a microprocessor. The user can program six messages, each up to ten seconds long. The message audio output level can be adjusted separately from the microphone audio.

The first message (MSG1) can be configured to run in a "repeat loop" mode to call continuously with a preset repeat delay.  The program and playback functions of the voice keyer operate 
in much the same way as the CW keyer.

The first four messages can be accessed from logging programs such as TRLog and CT. Message Abort in TRLog is also supported.

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