PC interfacing to Keyer, via LPT & COM Port

The unit has been designed to reduce the amount of effort and wiring required to implement a two-radio setup with computer control. Depending on the type of configuration required, the 
user only needs a standard pin-to-pin serial (RS-232) or/and parallel (LPT) cable.

The serial connector (DB-9 Male) on the back panel of the unit is multi-functional and provides an interface for the CW-key and PTT signals from a logging program as well as the PC connection 
for a CI-V interface that can be used to control an Icom radio from the logging program.

The Parallel port (DB-25 Female) on the back panel of the unit provides access to the first four Voice and CW messages from the PC logging program. Additionally, signals for the CW-key, PTT and Radio 1/Radio 2 switch are also fed into this port from the PC. 

TRLog can be configured so that any LPT port can have all the functions available on the specific port. With older versions of CT, Radio 1/2 switching is only available on LPT2. 

The Super Combo Keyer can be user-configured to accept either CT or TRLog signals on the LPT.

TRLog users must have TWO RADIO MODE enabled as well as the DVK PORT = LPT1 in the config file. TRLog prompts the rest of the commands required to use the two-radio mode when the program 
is initialized.

Last updated 15 January 2001 by [email protected]

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