N5TJ letter of appreciation

Jeff Steinman, N5TJ

2721 Halifax Court

McKinney, Texas 75050

Mr. Jay Terleski

Array Solutions

350 Gloria Road

Sunnyvale, TX 75182


 Dear Jay:

 I had been looking for an external voicekeyer that can be taken on contest operations. When I saw the ZS4TX SCK on your WEB page it looked like a nice product. I downloaded the excellent manual and started reading. Wow, this little box has a lot more in it than I thought! Not only would it cover my voicekeyer needs, but having a CW keyer doesnít hurt. But the thing that really surprised me was that Bernie had also incorporated SO2R functionality for CW, SSB and PTT. Which meant packing one less box in the suitcase.

So I appreciate you letting me borrow one of these units from your loaner pool for CQWW SSB. I took it to VE3EJís and put it to good use. It performed without a hitch as both a SSB voicekeyer and was also used to switch the microphone between two radios (via computer control). In fact I like the SCK so much Iím just going to buy it from you outright.

 Thanks again and 73ís,

 Jeff Steinman, N5TJ

Thank you Jeff, it was a pleasure to have a world class OP like you use the Super Combo Keyer.


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