Voice keyer - Message Loop Mode

The voice keyer can be programmed to act as a voice beacon or as a 
repetitive caller in a contest. Only message 1 can be set to be 
repeated with a factory pre-set delay.

To enter this mode, ensure the Keyer is in Voice Mode. Press MSG1 
and MSG2 simultaneously and release them. The RECORD LED will 
flash "2" in Morse Code. Pressing MSG1 again will start the loop 
by sending the full content of message 1 followed by a 2 second 
delay and then re-sending Message 1. 

Pressing MSG1 again will exit the loop mode permanently. However, 
loop mode can be re-entered at any time by pressing the appropriate 
button combination again.

Pressing MSG1 and MSG3 simultaneously gives a 5 second delay between 
transmissions, while MSG1 & MSG4 yield a 10 second delay.

Last updated 15 January 2001 by [email protected]

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