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ZP5XF's 180+ DXCC Countries on the WWW

Africa (27)
Prefix Country Callsign Name Address
3B8 Mauritius 3B8MSA Mauritius Scout Assn. [email protected]
3DA Swaziland 3DA0BD William Long [email protected]
5H Tanzania 5H3MS Michael Seitz [email protected]
5X Uganda 5X1T Peter Casier [email protected]
5Z Kenya 5Z/W5AHC Dan Owen [email protected]
7P Lesotho 7P8ND Nelson Matsie [email protected]
7Q Malawi 7Q7DC Don Gardner [email protected]
9G Ghana 9G1BS John Barbat [email protected]
9Q Zambia 9Q5TT Peter Casier [email protected]
9U Burundi 9U/ON6TT Peter Casier [email protected]
9X Rwanda 9X4WW Mark Demeuleneere [email protected]
A2 Botswana A22BR Bill Robinson [email protected]
C9 Mozambique C91BT Theo Vlaar [email protected]
CN Morocco CN8GI Ahmed Boudha [email protected]
CT3 Madeira Is. CT3EV Timsteo Costa [email protected]
D2 Angola D25L Alex van Eijk [email protected]
EA8 Canary Is. EA8AFJ Michel Sabatino [email protected]
EA9 Ceuta & Melila EA9AI Javier Alvarez Segura [email protected]
FR Reunion I. FR1HZ Ponlaitiac Dominique [email protected]
J5 Guinea-Bissau J52IM Dave Bendt [email protected]
S7 Seychelles S79MAD Paddy O'Reilly [email protected]
S9 Sao Tome & Principe S92ZM Glenn Britt mailto:[email protected]
SU Egypt SU1ER Ezzat S. Ramadan [email protected]
TZ Mali TZ6VV Larry Erwin [email protected]
V5 Namibia V51HB Helmut Bartens [email protected]
ZS Republic of South Africa ZS6EZ Chris Burger [email protected]
ZS8 Marion I. ZS8IR Chris DeBeer [email protected]

Antarctica (1)

Prefix Country Callsign Name Address
CE9 Antarctica VI0ANT Eddie Deyoung [email protected]
Asia (33)
Prefix Country Callsign Name Address
4S Sri Lanka 4S7RD Haren Durgabakshi [email protected]
4X Israel 4X6TT Amir Bazak [email protected]
5B Cyprus 5B4CV Nicos Hadjimiltis [email protected]
9K Kuwait 9K2HN Hamad J. Al-Nusif [email protected]
9M2 West Malaysia 9M2SS Sangat Singh [email protected]
9N Nepal 9N1AA Satis Kharel [email protected]
9V Singapore 9V1YC James Brooks [email protected]
A6 United Arab Emirates A61AH Al Mur Al Mehairi [email protected]
A7 Qatar A71EZ 


Saleh al Qahtani 


[email protected]

[email protected]

A9 Bahrain A92GD 

A92BE new

Bob Frick 

Sheridon Street

[email protected]

[email protected]

AP Pakistan AP2AUM Asad Ullah Marwat [email protected]
BV Taiwan, ROC BV/N0IAT Joe Fitter [email protected]
BY People's Republic of China BZ1LUV Yao Shun [email protected]
EK Armenia EK8WW Rescue Center "Spitak" [email protected]
EP Iran EP2FM A. Sadjadian [email protected]
EX Kyrghistan EX0A Yuri Minin [email protected]
EY Tajikistan EY8MM Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh [email protected]
HL South Korea HL1SSG Hyoung Bok Min [email protected]
HS Thailand HS1NIV/5 


Jumsai Janhom 

Sanya Suchano

[email protected]

[email protected]

HZ Saudi Arabia 7Z1IS Ibrahim Alshugair [email protected]
JA Japan JH2PDS/1 Tomo Kawaguchi [email protected]
JY Jordan JY9QJ George Schmid [email protected]
OD Lebanon OD5NZ Ramzi Abdallah [email protected]
S2 Bangladesh S21A Saif D. Shahid [email protected]
TA Turkey TA2BG 



Cemal Yalabik 



[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

UA9 Asiatic Russia UA9AR Jerry Sidorov [email protected]
UN Kazakhstan UN9FM Alex Martyntsev [email protected]
VS6 Hong Kong VS6BG Brett Graham [email protected]
VU India VU2RCH 


Ranjit Chaliha 


[email protected]

[email protected]

XU Kampuchea XU7VK [email protected]
XV Vietnam XV7SW Rolf Salme [email protected]
XX Macao XX9AS Albert Simao [email protected]
ZC4 U.K. Bases on Cyprus ZC4ZL Jon Carp [email protected]

Europe (58)

Prefix Country Callsign Name Address
4U1I ITU Headquarters 4U1ITU ITU HQ Club Station [email protected]
9A Croatia 9A6A Petar Milicic [email protected]
9H Malta 9H1EL Jeff Morris [email protected]
C3 Andorra C31LJ Peter Jennings [email protected]
CT Portugal CT1EEB Jose de Sa [email protected]
CU Azores CU2GP Pedro Pinheiro [email protected]
DL Germany DL5MO Thomas Planke [email protected]
EA Spain EA1AK Nacho Carballo [email protected]
EA6 Baleric Islands EA6IB Seccion Ure de Ibiza [email protected]
EI Ireland EI5DI Paul O'Kane [email protected]
ER Moldova ER1AN Sergey Pyatygin [email protected]
ES Estonia ES4RM Sergei Stepanov [email protected]
EU Belarus EU1SD Stanislav [email protected]
F France F5TCN Yannick Cailliau [email protected]
G England, U.K. G4DBN Neil Smith [email protected]
GD Isle of Man, U.K. GD4IHC Ralph Furness [email protected]
GI N. Ireland, U.K. GI0SSA Keith Stevenson [email protected]
GJ Jersey, U.K. GJ4ICD Geoff Brown [email protected]
GM Scotland, U.K. GM0ECO Andy Burns [email protected]
GU Guernsey, U.K. GU3MBS Steve Gibbs [email protected]
GW Wales, U.K. GW3YDX Ron Stone [email protected]
HA Hungary HA1AG Zoltan Pittmann [email protected]
HB Switzerland HB9HFN Cedric Baechler [email protected]
HB0 Liechtenstein HB0HTA Yvo Oehry [email protected]
I Italy IK1TZO Piero Pirr>

Transfer interrupted!

[email protected]
IS0 Sardinia IS0ISJ Giancarlo Sanna [email protected]
JW Svalbard JW5NM Mathias Bjerrang [email protected]
LA Norway LA4BN Reidar Bo [email protected]
LX Luxemborg LX1NO Norbert Oberweis [email protected]
LY Lithuania LY2NX Rimas Zakarevicius [email protected]
LZ Bulgaria LZ4KK Krassimir Kossev [email protected]
OE Austria OE6APF Arnold Pichler [email protected]
OH Finland OH2BUA Jukka Salomaa [email protected]
OH0 Aland Island OH0NJ Einar Lindholm [email protected]
OK Czech Republic OK2FD Karel Karmasin [email protected]
OM Slovakia OM3WJP Jan Pillar [email protected]
ON Belgium ON6TT Peter Casier [email protected]
OY Faroe Is. OY4TN Trygvi Farodane [email protected]
OZ Denmark OZ8RO Rag Otterstad [email protected]
PA The Netherlands PA3ERC Rob Snieder [email protected]
S5 Slovenia S56A Marijan Miletic [email protected]
SM Sweden SM0AJV Ingemar Fogelberg [email protected]
SP Poland SP5EWY Rys Tymkiewicz [email protected]
SV Greece SV1BKN Vlachos Andreas [email protected]
SV9 Crete SV9ANJ Manos Nerantzulis [email protected]
T7 San Marino T77WI Giancarlo Montico [email protected]
T9 Bosnia-Herzegovina T93Y Boris Knezovic [email protected]
TF Iceland TF3VET Sveinbjorn Jonsson [email protected]
TK Corsica TK5YP Ernest Garcia [email protected]
UA European Russia RX3DIN Victor [email protected]
UA2 Kaliningradsk UA2FAC Oleg Kulagin 2:478/[email protected]
UR Ukraine US1IDX Igor I. Slakva [email protected]
YL Latvia YL2PG Gunnars Postnieks [email protected]
YO Romania YO2LGU Norbert Hanigovszki [email protected]
YU Yugoslavia YU1RE Zoran Mihailovic [email protected]
Z3 Macedonia Z31RQ Dejan Trajkovski [email protected]
ZA Albania ZA1MH Mike Holman [email protected]
ZB2 Gibraltar ZB2IB Wilfred Guerrero [email protected]

North America (31)

Prefix Country Callsign Name Address
4U1U United Nations HQ, NY 4U1UN UN HQ Club Station [email protected]
6Y Jamaica 6Y5MM Michael Matalon [email protected]
8P Barbados 8P6SM Gus Mcleod [email protected]
CO Cuba CO2OJ Oscar Morales Gago Jr. [email protected]
FM Martinique FM5AB Jean-Pierre Viode [email protected]
FP St. Pierre & Miquelon FP5EK Ron Thompson [email protected]
HH Haiti HH2AW Ivo Pezer [email protected]
HI Dominican Republic HI8OTD Oscar J. Torres [email protected]
HP Panama HP2CWB Jose NG Lee [email protected]
HR Honduras KH6BO/HR3 Kenton L. Brown [email protected]
J3 Grenada J37ZY Jim Newman [email protected]
J6 St. Lucia J69T Tim James [email protected]
J8 St. Vincent J88CU Sean Patterson [email protected]
K United States of America AA5BT Derek Wills [email protected]
KL7 Alaska KL7Y Dan Robbins [email protected]
KP2 U.S. Virgin Is. KP2N Ronald A. Hall [email protected]
KP4 Puerto Rico KP4UY Jose Aponte [email protected]
OX Greenland OX3PI Aksel Nielsen [email protected]
TG Guatemala TG9AJR Juan Carlos Munoz Reyes [email protected]
TI Costa Rica TI5RLI Dave Gregory [email protected]
V2 Antigua V21BF Alan Scholl [email protected]
V3 Belize V31JU Bruce Miller [email protected]
V4 St. Kitts & Nevis V44KBJ Cedric L. K. Jeffers [email protected]
VE Canada VE7TCP Lyndon Nerenberg [email protected]
VP2E Anguilla VP2EE Dorothea Mann [email protected]
VP2V British Virgin Is. VP2VE Lee Reisenweber [email protected]
VP5 Turks & Caicos VP5JM Jody Millspaugh [email protected]
VP9 Bermuda VP9ID Glen Cuoco [email protected]
XE Mexico XE1AE Fernando Vallarta [email protected]
YN Nicaragua YN7DS Humberto A. Diaz [email protected]
YS El Salvador YS1XS Bill English [email protected]
ZF Cayman Is. ZF2DS Dave Stephens [email protected]

Oceania (18)

Prefix Country Callsign Name Address
5W Western Samoa 5W1PC J. Perry Christensen [email protected]
9M6 East Malaysia 9M8ST Siong Teck Cheun [email protected]
A3 Tonga A35RK Paul Kidd [email protected]
DU Philippines DU3LIM Manuel Lim Lao [email protected]
FO French Polynesia FO8AA Radioclub of CORA [email protected]
KH0 Mariana Is. KH0G Hajime Kato [email protected]
KH2 Guam NH2G Gary Dein [email protected]
KH6 Hawaii AH6NB Jim Reid [email protected]
KH8 American Samoa KH8/N5OLS Don Barclay [email protected] 
KH9 Wake Island KH9/AL7EL Wake I. DXpedition [email protected]
P2 Papua New Guinea P29NB Norm Beasley [email protected]
V6 Micronesia V63BR Atson Nakayama [email protected]
V7 Marshall Is. V73C Ken Wells [email protected]
V8 Brunei V85GA Gerald Ashcroft [email protected]
VK Australia VK4EET Ed DeYoung [email protected]
VK0/m Macquarie I. VK0WH Warren
YB Indonesia YF1CHK Budianta Hadimartana [email protected]
ZL New Zealand ZL2ALY Cliff Walker [email protected]

South America (17)

Prefix Country Callsign Name Address
9Y Trinidad & Tobago 9Y4NED Noel E. Donawa [email protected]
CE Chile CE6NUG Rodrigo E. Rodriguez [email protected]
CE0/a Easter Island XR0Y Easter Island DXpedition [email protected]
CP Bolivia CP6EL Alfredo Pauker [email protected]
CX Uruguay CX5BW Pedro A.Cano [email protected]
HC Ecuador HC1CMN Carlos Ayala [email protected]
HC8 Galapagos Is. HC8KU Henri Schaefer [email protected]
HK Colombia HK4QIM Alejandro Angel Mejia [email protected]
LU Argentina LU5EHD 


Jose Garcia 

Juan Fedelich

[email protected]

[email protected]

OA Peru OA4CQN Andres Orellana [email protected]
P4 Aruba P43HOT Jacobo Oduber [email protected]
PJ2 Netherlands Antilles PJ2CQ Dick Capriles [email protected]
PY Brazil PS7KM Karl Leite [email protected]
PY0F Fernando de Noronha PY0FF Andre Sampaio [email protected]
PZ Suriname PZ5DX Bob Mantell [email protected]
YV Venezuela YV5NQZ Wolfgang Scherer [email protected]
ZP Paraguay ZP5XF Renato Bellucci [email protected]
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