New Zealand Amateur Radio Beacons.

Listed by Frequency.

Updated September 2001.

Frequency (MHz)   Service Area             Location                   Call


14.100 NCDX Propagation Carterton. ZL6B 18.110 NCDX Propagation Carterton. ZL6B 21.150 NCDX Propagation Carterton. ZL6B 24.930 NCDX Propagation Carterton. ZL6B 28.200 NCDX Prpoagation Carterton. ZL6B 28.228 Christchurch Rolleston Railway Station. ZL3TEN 50.040 Christchurch Rolleston Railway Station. ZL3SIX 50.0433 Auckland Whitford. ZL1VHF 50.055 Hokitika Hokitika. ZL3MHB 51.030 Hawkes Bay Napier City. ZL2MHB 52.275 Upper Hutt Mt Climie. ZL2MHF 144.240 Auckland Nihotupu. ZL1VHF 144.256 Waikato Hamilton. ZL1VHW 144.271 Manawatu Br 20 Clubrooms. ZL2VHP 144.275 Wellington Hawkins Hill. ZL2UHF 144.285 Christchurch Huntsbury Hill. ZL3VHF 144.286 Hokitika Hokitika. ZL3MHB 145.225 New Plymouth Otaraoa Rd. ZL2VHT 145.240 Hawkes Bay Napier City. ZL2MHB 145.400 Dunedin Highcliff. ZL4VHF 432.240 Auckland Nihotupu. ZL1UHF 432.256 Waikato Hamilton City. ZL1VHW 432.275 Wellington Hawkins Hill. ZL2UHF 432.285 Christchurch Huntsbury Hill. ZL3UHF 432.285 Eyrewell Fire Lookout Tower. ZL3CAR 433.225 New Plymouth Otaraoa Rd. ZL2VHT 433.240 Hawkes Bay Napier City. ZL2MHB 925.240 Auckland Whitford. ZL1UHF Planned 925.275 Wellington Belmont. ZL2WA 1296.254 Whangarei Mt Parakiore. ZL1??? 1296.256 Waikato Hamilton City. ZL1VHW 1296.275 Wellington Hawkins Hill. ZL2UHF 1297.150 Auckland Whitford. ZL1UHF 1297.225 New Plymouth Otaraoa Rd. ZL2VHT 2402.275 Lower Hutt Lower Hutt. ZL2HV 2424.254 Whangarei Mt Parakiore. ZL1??? 2424.256 Waikato Te Uku. ZL1VHW 2424.275 North Wellington Colonial Knob. ZL2WA 3456.254 Whangarei Mt Parakiore. ZL1??? 3456.275 North Wellington Colonial Knob. ZL2WA 5760.050 Wellington Belmont. ZL2SHF 5765.000 Muriwai (West AKL) Muriwai. ZL1SHF 10250.000 Wellington Hawkins Hill. ZL2UHF 10368.254 Whangarei Mt Parakiore. ZL1??? 10368.256 Waikato Te Uku. ZL1VHW 24150.000 Wellington Hawkins Hill. ZL2UHF --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is current as of September 2001
Information in this listing is courtesy of the 2001 NZART Callbook, plus
information updates from other Amateurs.

Email any updates to ZL3VTV.

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