Other Repeaters Including ATV Repeaters.

Listed by Frequency.

Updated December, 2003.

New Zealand 10m Repeaters.

Frequency (MHz)   Service Area             Location                   Comments


29.640 Papakura Ponga Hill. Linked to 438.250. 29.630 Christchurch Science Alive! Linked to 438.400. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Zealand 6m Repeaters.
Frequency (MHz)   Service Area             Location                   Comments


53.625 Alexandra Fruitlands. 53.725 Auckland Klondyke. On Air, Temp QTH. 53.750 North Wellington Colonial Knob. 53.850 Christchurch Eyrewell Fire Tower. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Zealand 32cm Repeaters.
Frequency (MHz)   Service Area             Location                   Comments


928.800 Wellington Belmont. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Zealand 23cm Repeaters.
Frequency (MHz)   Service Area             Location                   Comments


1291.100 Auckland Sky Tower. Not on air. 1291.200 Wellington Mt Victoria. 1291.500 North Wellington Colonial Knob. 1291.900 Auckland Glenfield. On Air, New QTH. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Zealand ATV Repeaters.
Frequency (MHz)   Service Area             Location                   Comments


615.250 Auckland Nihotupu. Horizontal. 615.250 Whangarei Mt Parahaki. Vertical. 615.250 Wellington Belmont. Horizontal. 615.250 Christchurch Cashmere Hill. Horizontal. 615.250 Dunedin Mt Cargill. Horizontal. 615.250 New Plymouth Mt Egmont. Horizontal. 615.250 Gisbourne Kaiti Hill. Horizontal. 615.276 Hamilton Hamilton Radio Clubrooms. Horizontal. 615.250 Hawkes Bay Te Mata Peak. Vertical. 615.250 Kapiti Pukehou. Vertical. 615.224 South Canterbury Mt Studholme. Vertical. 615.250 Tasman Bay Takaka Hill. Horizontal. 615.250 Palmerston North Wharite. Vertical. 922.250 Cambourne (Wellington) Cambourne. Horizontal. 1283.250 Kaiwhara (Wellington) Kaiwhara Hill. Vertical. 1275.250 North Climie Climie Hill. Horizontal. 1248.000 Auckland Whitford. Horizontal, FM. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Repeater receive offsets are as follows for the different bands:

10m:  Receive offset is minus (-ve) 100 kHz, user transmits low.
6m:   Receive offset is minus (-ve) 1.0 MHz, user transmits low.
32cm: Receive offset is minus (-ve) 7.6 MHz, user transmits low.
23cm: Receive offset is minus (-ve) 20.0 MHz, user transmits low.

ATV Repeaters: The input for repeaters with an output on UHF Channel 39, (615.250 MHz)
               is generally on 70cm, in the band 430 - 438 MHz, vision carrier at  
               431.250 MHz, and FM sound carrier at 436.750 MHz, and Nicam stereo, 
               (if used) at 437.100 MHz. 

               ATV in the 70cm band has moved to 431 MHz after the removal of the band 
               440 to 449.75 MHz on 26 February 2002. Amateur Radio operators are no longer
               permitted to operate in this band.

               ATV repeaters with output frequencies in either the 32cm or 23cm bands, 
               generally have inputs in the 23 cm band.

               The Whangarei ATV repeater, which is under construction will have an input 
               on 1248.000 MHz FM, with a 5.5 MHz sound subcarrier. The 23cm input will be
               Horizontally polarised.

               The Auckland ATV repeater on Channel 39 (615.250) no longer has a 70cm
               input. Instead, the input is on 1282 MHz FM, with sound subcarriers at 
               5.5 and 5.74 MHz.
               An FM input on 3.4 GHz is planned for the Auckland ATV repeater, and a 
               new FM output in the 2.4 GHz band is also planned.
               The Whitford ATV repeater has sound subcarriers at 5.5 and 5.74 MHz on its
               output at 1248 MHz. It receives the Auckland ATV repeater on channel 39, 
               as well as 1282 MHz FM.

This list is current as of September 2001
Information in this listing is courtesy of the 2001 NZART Callbook, plus
information updates from other Amateurs.

Email any updates to ZL3VTV.

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