South Island 70cm Repeaters.

Listed by Frequency.

Updated October 30, 2001.

Frequency (MHz)   Service Area             Location                   Comments


438.400 Eryewell Fire Lookout Tower. 438.450 Blenheim Tuamarina. 438.500 Christchurch Cass Peak. 438.550 Westport Mt Frederick. 438.575 Greymouth Sewel Peak. 438.650 Oamaru Oamaru. 438.700 North Canterbury Mt Noble. 438.700 Invercargill Civil Admin Building. 438.800 Christchurch Cashmere Hill. 438.850 Timaru Mt Horrible. 438.900 Invercargill Br 37 Clubrooms. 439.150 Nelson Fringed Hill. 439.150 Dunedin Mt Cargill. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Repeaters with an output frequency of between 438.000 and 440.000 MHz use a minus (-) 5.000 MHz receive offset, while all repeaters with an output of between 433.000 and 435.000 MHz use a plus (+) 5.000 MHz receive offset.

This list is current as of October 30, 2001
Information in this listing is courtesy of the 2001 NZART Callbook, plus
information updates from other Amateurs.

Email any updates to ZL3VTV.

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