I was licensed as ZL3TGC (VHF only) in 1995 after a lifelong interest in radio. Starting with crystal sets, CB Radio and then a career as an Avionics Technician in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. I discovered 6 meters and set up a modest station which enabled me to work a few countires. To increase my tally, it became clear (thanks to Duncan - see below) that I needed to use CW.
ZL1AN Gary Bold's TEACH program was obtained and I learnt the code, passed the 12wpm morse test and upgraded to a full license on April 27th 2000, the birthday of Samuel Morse.

I'm now a keen HF DXer and wish to acknowledge the help and assistance of the following hams - they provided motivation, inspiration, advice, equipment and most importantly, their time.
Duncan ZL3JT
Graham ZL3NZ

Current focus is on WAS. The basic certificate is on the wall and I'm now working toward the Triple Play Award, working all 50 US States on CW, SSB and Digital modes.

LoTW - Logbook of the World

My preferred way of confirming contacts is LoTW. It takes a bit of effort to create an account but boy is it worth it! Timely confirmations with no printing, research, postage or long bureau waiting!