Projects list

Modulator frequency range: 70MHz, 1200 to 1300MHz and 2.2 to 2.6GHz (based on VCO used)
Output power: +13dBm
Sound sub-carries: are at 6 and 6.5MHz
DC in: +12 volts

PCB's are available

PIC Colour bar pattern generator
Low cost ATV modulator
23cm power amplifier
Using the Mitsubishi RA18H1213G power block, designed to go with my 23cm modulator board.

RF Output power up to 15 Watts, will need a very big heatsink for this amplifier. DC in 13.8 volts at 5 amps

PCB's are available

Frequency range: 800 to 2100MHz

Sound offset: 6 and 6.5MHz

Video and base band output

PCB's are available

2bit RGB colour with 16 pattens
PAL S-Video and composite video out
DC 12 Volts in and 1 volt video into 75 ohm out

PCB's are available

RF driver amplifier
Frequency range from 10MHz up to 1500MHz, gain 35dB or so based on frequency used.
Maximum output level around 0dBm
12 volt DC in

PCB's are available

Video AGC amp
This board is design to correct video levels between 0.5 to 1.3 volts to a standard 1 volt output level.

PCB's are available

FM VHF Receiver
This board is designed to operate from 30 to 150MHz with a DDS or a crystal can be fitted.

Input level from: -118dBm
Outputs: speaker and line
Meter driver is for 100uA movement meter
Mute settings are adjustable
DC in +12 volts

PCB's are available

Universal down converter
With this board you are able to mix down to an IF of 70MHz, very useful for RF testing.

RF frequency range 900 to 2000MHz
Set from display board
Noise floor tested at -104dBm
Variable gain control set from display board
IF bandwidth 16MHz

PCB's are available

FM stereo multiplexer

This printed circuit board I have put together to generate FM stereo multiplex. I design this PCB to work with Jack audio for the pre-processing required.

Such as:

Stereo tools


Filters, low pass and band reject for 19kHz



Guard timing intervals 0, 3/4, 1/2 & 1/4

Step pilot tone phase shift control

THD, up to 1% with the right drive levels

Left, right separation up to 20dB depending on the receiver used.

Dual audio balanced inputs 600 ohms

Dip switch settings:

Step phase shift

Guard band timing

Two on board connectors one has audio inputs and DC volts, the other is the composite out. The three preset-pots, set the phase shift, output level and the pilot tone injection level.

PCB's are available