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Meetings and Radio Nets during the month

There is a club activity every Wednesday, Radio Nets every Sunday and other activities throughout the month that members can also participate in. These may be AREC activities or contests or other club activities that occur from time to time. For a summary of what's on during the month see below and keep an eye on the 'What's on at the club...." information banners and blocks that appear on pages.


Club meeting information

The next meeting for the Papakura Radio Club inc.

The next club activity is this Wednesday. Check the Amateur Radio Calendar or the list below for additional information.

Remember that the club's radio station is available for use during these meetings.

On the first Wednesday of the month the Papakura Radio Club holds monthly General Meetings. Starting at 7.30pm the clubs general business is discussed. Following this, and usually at around 8.00pm there is a speaker or demonstration planned for the evening. Supper follows with a general chat among members and visitors. Additional information on the next General Meeting is here soon.

On the second Wednesday of the month the Projects Group meets. Details for the next Projects evening is shown under the Current Projects and Project Evenings heading.

On the third Wednesday, the club Committee meets at 7.30pm. This date may change as required by the committee members and is notified on the Sunday radio nets. Additional information on the Committee is shown on the Committee and Contacts page.

On the fourth Wednesday of the month the Projects Group meets again. Details for the next Projects evening is shown under the Current Projects and Project Evenings heading.

On any fifth Wednesday of a Month, members of the NZART Branch 65 AREC section meet. There is much discussed here and any member of AREC for the area is welcome. Starts at 7.30pm at the clubrooms.


Club Radio Net informatio

The Papakura Radio Club has on air nets every Sunday morning using the club callsign ... ZL1VK ... the VHF net is held on the Bombay Repeater... 146.900 (minus split) at 08.30 local time and is followed by the HF net which is on 80 meters... 3755. All members and any other amateur operators who can copy the net controller are invited to participate.


Regional Amateur Radio presentations

From time to time there are Regional meetings where presentations are given. These will be shown on the "What's on at the club..." banner and blocks on related pages.

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