Our Papakura Radio Club inc. building

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  Papakura Radio Club inc.
     50th year celebration



Our Papakura Radio Club inc. building


For use during our 50th Anniversary celebrations we have applied for and received the special callsign ZL50VK. The intention is for club members to be active on air from 1st January 2010 to 31st March 2010 from their home station or from the clubrooms.

ZL50VK will be reserved for club use on Wednesday nights and during Jock White National Field Day. There are also several DX contests, which we could participate in.

I will maintain an operating schedule for those who wish to operate from their home stations, or from the clubrooms (other than Wednesdays), which will becirculated via e-mail. Can members who would like to be included please email me so I can map out a starting schedule with details of mode, bands, and dates/times. I can circulate the schedule on a daily basis so you donít have to plan too far ahead, initially just e-mail me expressing your interest.

The club station will be set up with a TS870, TL922 and QRO tuner for 15 and 20m with the dipole for barefoot operation plus a laptop for logging. On Wednesday 5th January 2011 we will have a demo on the set up at the club. For home stations a computer log from DX4WIN, Writelog or an exported ADIF file for any logging program is preferred but paper logs are not a problem.

After the 31st March the log will be uploaded to LOTW and Club Log, callsign and QSL details have been posted on QRZ.

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